19 thoughts on “The .243 CVA Hunter Rifle

  1. Win94ae says:

    Yes, carrying it with a strap, that lever got triggered twice, opened my breach and I lost two cartridges. I started carrying it with the barrel pointing down; then, when it opens, the rounds do not fall out.

  2. David Simon says:

    Purchased a CVA Hunter in compact version in 7mm-08 and love it, I'm 62 and I started my hunting life as a youngster with a single shot and now I will finish it out with one too. BTW: I'm 6ft and 220 and have no issue shooting the small rifle, also if the rifle seems to light in the stock there is plenty of room inside of it to add weight, extra rounds, etc.

  3. Bodie Fisher says:

    I have the newer cva scout and it is just like the hunter you have love it. Got it when I was 7 and hasn’t jammed, failed, broken, or anything highly recommend this rifle for anyone from coyote hunting to whitetail

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