Duck hunting 2017 (Public land) 22 birds down!

Waterfowl Hunt 2017. We Love Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting. For more Videos Subscribe to our channel.

Cameras- GoPro Hero 5, GoPro hero 3.

Location- Central Oklahoma


Join Connor, Trey, Tanner and Josh on a great public land duck hunt in western ok. The boys knocked down 20 birds and 1 goose.
Filmed with gopro hero 5 black and gopro hero 3.

40 thoughts on “Duck hunting 2017 (Public land) 22 birds down!

  1. Kyle Johnson says:

    Fucking amateur dumbass one of you is going to shoot someone. Holy shit . 5 min 20 seconds jackass points gun right at one of you. Holy shit you guys will be on the news for a hunting accident. Over a duck. Jesus christ

  2. Owen Self says:

    just a word to the wise if ur hunting open water or any water make sure to rig your decoys in the back middle and front so they are are not facing the same direction. They would work really good

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