Deer hunting?

REPORTS of a proposal from United States (US) hunters seeking permission to pursue the white-tailed deer in Portland have received mixed reviews by farmers and residents, some directly affected by the animals.

The wild deer, native to the Americas, have populated the hills of the eastern parish, destroying the crops of small farmers.

“Although the deer don’t really affect my crops, I am concerned about the persons who are affected, and for that reason I am in agreement with the suggestion made by the Americans,” said Clinton Lammie.

Errol Campbell, who plants pumpkins, dasheen and yams, was also in agreement with his colleague.

Campbell told the Jamaica Observe North & East that the deer eats his pumpkin vines and corns, causing him to “dislike” the Odocoileus virginianus, also known as the Virginia deer.

“My livelihood is being affected. Get rid of them,” he stressed.

Orville Stewart: “I am fortunate to see the deer regularly and to not be affected by them anymore.”

15 thoughts on “Deer hunting?

  1. Sanjae Dunn says:

    I don't believe that it should be open to people from overseas. There most be something that is reserved for Jamaicans only. Are we going to give every body access to everything that Jamaica has? If there is going to be a designated hunting season for these animals only Jamaicans should get the Licenses to hunt in that season.

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