Texas Doe Hunt with an AR-15 rifle in .223 – Brady, Texas – 2016 Season

In this video we join Dustin Warncke in Brady, Texas in mid-December for an annual management meat hunt. This was a hunt with an Olympic Arms Plinker Plus in .223 with a flat top and Nikon BDC optics and custom handloads with Hornady Spire Points. Thank you so much for watching our videos!

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26 thoughts on “Texas Doe Hunt with an AR-15 rifle in .223 – Brady, Texas – 2016 Season

  1. Drake Williams says:

    I understand the laws permit this method but do you truly feel challenged bro? You’re already advantaged with a high velocity rifle. Where is the pride? I’m not bashing you because you’re right, it’s within the law. But I’m curious is all. I’m looking into hunting as a challenge post Army life and this “style” doesn’t seem challenging at all.

  2. WolfTheMadMan says:

    I've had good luck with the Hornady 69gr spire points for white tail here in Virginia. It's not legal to hunt with anything lower than a .23 caliber round in my county though, so you didnt hear that from me. Fuck the police, I know my rights.

  3. Bow&riflehunter40 says:

    Great video! I’m starting this year to hunt with my ar15 with .223 ammo. I don’t have a scope yet, just a red dot. I hunt in management areas which are heavily hunted. Texas would be awesome to hunt!

  4. Frank Soto says:

    I hunt with mine and zero, zip misses, every deer drops not far from the tree…now, from the point of view of the haters and of people that dislike hunting with AR's and see them as assault weapons, I suggest to use a smaller size magazine, makes the rifle more streamline and does not make you look like a killer on the lose..you understand what I mean ? .. I used a 5 round and a 10 round mag..taper,short close to the lower receiver…you only need a shot , one shot one kill , right ? best wishes and God Bless

  5. Raekken1 says:

    Good job. But please loose som weight. More dynamic hunt would be bether for you than sitting for the game to come fore you. Learn from scandinavian hunters. Its good for you.

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