Icy Day Duck Hunting Tips

On this video discover ways to be successful when everything freezes up! It could be the best hunting days of your season.

Icy Day Duck Hunting Tips

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Surviving Duck Season is a first of its kind waterfowling web series. Our team is comprised of individuals from across the country who hunt every day of duck season. Our focus is to show you what it takes for us to survive duck season.

On our channel have different types of episodes: During November, December and January we will have weekly updates from the field. Throughout the rest of they year we will offer our feature duck hunting films and hunting tips videos. You will always have great waterfowling content to watch, at any time of the year!


Joel Strickland (@mrproducersir) is a lifelong waterfowler and producer/director in the film and television industry.









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19 thoughts on “Icy Day Duck Hunting Tips

  1. Jason Velasquez says:

    We break up ice at the ramp w trailer/ boat, then adjust/trim the motor, 1/8 or light throttle….that's your ice eater to open the ramp. Break ice 2-3" on the way out, then same as above ( bow on bank) when we get to our spot. Duckwater Bay 18'

  2. Patrick Foegen says:

    I live to hunt late season iced up conditions. Safety first. My lab left the boat after a duck and got trapped under the ice. I could see her and dove in. Saved her but almost drown then almost froze getting back to land.

  3. Justin Zurn says:

    When everything freezes here in Missouri we head to the river always ends up bein or best hunts of the year both ducks and honkers. Scratched out our teal limits in ten minutes for the opener. Remember boys scouting is the key to whackin these things!

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