30 thoughts on “Deer hunting Australia – A traditional archery hunt that fills the freezer

  1. Trahan Media says:

    Beautifully done. I am a Trad Archer from wayyy back. 30+ years now. I have traveled extensively and have hunted many places, but the beauty of your homeland is stunning. I wish there were a way that we could hunt each other's backyards; I think you would get a charge out of our whitetail deer and black bear. I hope to get some hunts on film this year… Warm wishes and hello from Eastern Tennessee. ⚜

  2. Aussie Kelpie says:

    Hey just outta curiosity what brand and rough cost is your quiver that is on your bow ? And do you know if it would work the same on a recurve bow as I'm after a decent looking and practical quiver to go on my Hoyt GameMaster 2 recurve bow.

  3. Keiran James says:

    Great video Matt. Your video are very inspiring, I have be wanting to start archery and hunting for a while now. Have you got any tips on hunting and what sort of bow to get for a newbie? Thanks

  4. Fran o' Toole says:

    hey man great vid as usual, if your having probs self filming, invest in a head mounted camera like a go pro etc…, keeps your hands free and doesnt hinder your shot, great for when you need to move on a fast stalk.

  5. justo says:

    Another super-enjoyable vid Matti, you say self-filming is hard but you make it look easy. That new bush vest over the top of your other gear seems to make pretty good camo in the green grass.

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