20 thoughts on “Duck Hunting The Rigolets, New Orleans Louisiana

  1. Feathers, Fur, and Fins says:

    Hoodies aren't that bad. It just depends what they've been eating. Take the fat off them and they taste fine. They aren't teal or mallards, but they are perfectly edible. They are perfect for duck poppers. If you marinate them and wrap them in bacon, they are indistinguishable from a gadwall.

  2. The Quack Addicts says:

    Your videos are phenomenal brother. The professionalism and creativity you put into them is unlike anybody else that does what we do on YouTube. Keep up the good work, its inspirational to watch. You got a subscription from us and deserve a lot more!

  3. Delta Duckman says:

    I have a camp on Lake Catherine and know the area very well.  Very good video especially the drone footage and Talley Ho info.  Duck hunting is decent there under normal conditions good in nasty weather,  but I prefer to hunt another area in SE LA for better, consistent duck hunting.  My channel is Delta Duckman for videos of other SE LA duck hunting.

  4. Aggiedad13 says:

    Great video. I live in the Houston area and though not impacted by the floods during Harvey I watched what the “Cajun Navy” did here. I just want to thank them for what they did. Please pass on to them that we are very thankful for what they did here in Texas.

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