Where Early Bow Season Bucks Disappear To

Where did all of your early bow season bucks disappear to? The annual whitetail shift is very real, in particular when it comes to mature bucks moving from their Summer range to their Fall range. Those giant bucks that you have watched all Summer do not magically disappear or turn nocturnal – they just move. If your deer hunting land dies not contain Fall food and Fall cover, then you can expect your early bow season to become an empty dream after bucks complete their annual habitat shift. Have you ever wondered where all of the bucks go, right at the time that you are beginning your bowhunting season? This video explains why the start to your annual deer hunting season can be more famine than feast, when it comes to a successful start to your bow season.

40 thoughts on “Where Early Bow Season Bucks Disappear To

  1. Russell Allen says:

    I do agree with most of the info thats put out there but it seems like there's a lot of manipulation of the deers habitat or environment these days… I dont think all that manipulation is not necessary to harvest mature deer but I can see why people choose to do it… it makes deer movement more predictable…nowadays its all about success and whats the easiest and quickest way to get things done…or like everything else its driven by money

  2. boostimalaka1 says:

    Ever since I bought my hunting property, I maintain the land by mowing the fields while leaving areas for wildlife to bed. I noticed a big improvement by just mowing . Deer love freshly cut fields. I prune trees to allow easier paths for deer to walk. The bucks are usually more active in the daylight in late summer eating the crab apple that will drop. October 1 is opening day for archery in New York. I always see bucks during Halloween week and harvest a Whitetail deer.

  3. Anton Lueker says:

    Excellent video! I hunt in NJ in a “high pressure” area and I notice that as soon as the mature bucks feel that first inkling of pressure early season bow they completely change their day light patterns. Bucks I see on my cameras during summer daylight hours quickly become more elusive as soon as opening bow season starts. Love your input and appreciate all the information!

  4. Garcia Ranch Outdoors says:

    What does it mean when the deer just never move from a spot at all,year round. Over population? I have several deer reaching the 10yr old range that just don't leave and we grow a relationship with them. They're not aggressive towards others at all either (I do feed 365 days a year)

  5. W Stepnout says:

    Jeff Just wanted to pass on some info. I'm not a real serious deer hunter as I was 30 years ago. I've been enjoying your videos. Everything you state in your videos is spot on. I live in a residential area but if I walk across the street then start walk depending on the direction I could walk 4, 7 or 10 miles without seeing a road, hydro pole house or another person. But that area I would encounter Moose more than whitetail.

    Now I live on a 3.5 acre lot but my land boarders over 100 acres of non posted land. I can legally hunt this land with a bow/crossbow as long as I am 100 meters from a dwelling etc. I loved your ideas so much I wanted to experiment. I purchased a 40 gallon water tank instead of your suggested size because I do not wish to have children fall into the larger tank this being an residential area.

    I also put up a vertical licking/rubbing stick. I also purchased my first ever trail cam the Exodus Lift II. I'm happy to say I've been getting pictures of 3 does one has 2 fawns one has 1 fawn and the other seems to be last years fawn who seems to be with out a fawn of her own. I also have 3 young bucks a nice 9 point, 6 point and another 4 point. I have videos of the 6 point rubbing the the stick I tied up and some of the others drinking from the water. As you mentioned the bucks were only here for 2 weeks and now seemed to move. I usually see bucks traveling the edge of my property every fall because the does stay here until December.

    Just wanted to say Love the videos and can't wait to see how the bucks react this fall around my little corner of the world.

  6. Sunny Mcfall says:

    wrong wrong wrong…the deer do not move…instead…they fly down to Jamaica for warmer weather….i'm a ticket agent at the airport and i can tell you so…in fact business is booming so much we are offering them a 2 for 1 discount this year…reservations are shooting through the roof right now…

    deer move for two reasons..food and cover… which change depending on a number of factors often determined by the change in seasons…understand that and its simple..its elemental..

  7. Lee Oneill says:

    I want to start by saying I love watching your videos I have learned so much from you! I never had no one to show me how to hunt I learned as I went and also watching your videos! My question is I got some really nice bucks on my cameras all summer long going into the ag field which has corn and beans but for the past week or so I havnt seen one of the bucks come to the field (atleast in the direction of my camera) should I hunt evenings on the ag field come September 14th? Or should I hunt in the thicker cover in the woods? And where are the bucks going if not the ag fields now? I hope to get a response back it seems everyone has a different opinion but I’d rather take your advice over anyone’s thank you

  8. Sargent Killer says:

    Saw 2 giants together on September 3rd last year and didnt see them again until yesterday over a half mile from where i was hunting them last year. Did not think i would ever see them again but now im super pumped up for the bow season that starts tomorrow

  9. MATT the MAN says:

    Hello Jeff. Im from Alabama and I enjoy everything you do and love the info you provide. I would love more info on a southern state process. Any thoughts would help very much thanks

  10. Scott Larimore says:

    Jeff, I'm in central Missouri on private land. I'm just getting our food plots in Labor weekend and the first weekend in September. I wanted to plant your suggested blend of 100lb Peas, 50lbs Oats and 25 lbs Soy Beans this year. If I could have put this in back at the end of July I would have then top seeded it with 200 lbs of winter rye around Labor Day. However, since I'm getting started late should I forgo the Oats and just go straight to the the Rye? As in 100 lbs Peas, 200lbs Winter Rye and 25 lbs Beans? Thanks, Scott

  11. Joe McIntosh says:

    Another great video! Some years, we have the same bucks year round, some years they summer elsewhere and don't show up until mid/late Sept. This year, we have 1 6yr old bruiser that stuck around all summer and the rest of the bucks did not! Just curious on your thoughts as to why he didn't herd up with the other bucks? That we know of he's never been spooked by a hunter. We've laid eyes on him and let him walk a few times and we have tons of daytime photos over the last several years! Did he get spooked from his other summer habitat early on? I have several theories, but you're expertise would be appreciated!!!

  12. Jason Curtis says:

    Heavy acorn crop this year as well. The White oak branches from what I've seen are barely able to hold them. Find the trail(s) from bedding to the oak flats and you'll be in the game.

  13. Shaun Kinsey says:

    I’ve got a spot that I stay out of that is on the back of property that has been a proven buck cruising area during the rut. I’d like to get back there and work on my access route to my stand and brush my stand in but haven’t made it back yet. So I guess my question is as we are approaching the end of August is there still time to get back there and not blow the spot up by working on my stand and leaving human scent?

  14. AshtangaBoy says:

    "Don't believe in October lull." Everybody read that again. When I discovered this was a myth, through my own experience, I stopped listening/watching anything from Drury b/c they are the biggest proponents of that myth.

  15. Tracy Laws says:

    I leased a 300 acre track at the end of last deer season. I have worked my butt off this year creating pinch points, setting stands, mineral sights etc. I’m fortunate to have a farming background and equipment so my plots are 2-4 acres in size. I have had cameras running since mid March and the biggest buck I have is a 5pt. I do have does so I’m not as concerned.

  16. James W says:

    I feel like you're contradicting yourself when you say the deer shift. I also feel like you have diarrhea of the mouth. Now you can get up set and the trolls can attack me or you can take this as constructive criticism.

  17. 217 Entertainment says:

    I hunt on our 40 acre property so fairly small. I’ve seen an 8 pointer on camera that’s the only buck so far this year. But my property is under a lot of pressure because we have hunters all around our property it’s ridiculous. We even have people that come from all over because the surrounding property’s have people that will pay then to hunt there. That’s why there’s so much pressure on our 40 acre property. Is there any advice that would help make it easier and maybe make our property not under pressure as much?

  18. Joe C says:

    Can you do a tip for guy this year on Northern lower Michigan that hunt state land, that cant bait, can't make food plots, and everone private property owners are baiting and have food plots…..and yes Ive crossed over on to private land this year and already found baiting….fucking sucks for us poor people that can't afford to buy land.

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