23 thoughts on “SOA Elk Hunting in British Columbia

  1. Randy Sandberg says:

    I enjoy Steve's TV show and I am a hunter myself, but I have to agree with the person who posted he thought the Burris Eliminator rifle scope took some of the sportsmanship away from the hunt.  One poster here said, "we cant all be super shots like you big guy" and nobody said he was a super shot.  Just that if it so far you need a mini-computer in your scope to calculate where to hold, why not get closer.  As Ted Trueblood once said, "Shooting from distance should be a sign of shame, not pride."  You usually can get closer and your 500 yard shot can be 200.  Usually.

  2. quizno685 says:

    I think this fellow has excellent footage, and a real love for the sport of hunting. He shows an excellent side of hunting and the outdoors and friendship that comes along with it. I would just like to add my two cents though and say he maybe has too many sponsors, and sponsorship and money on the mind. A lot of what he says has to do with his equipment. Apologies if this offends anyone just felt like sharing. Keep it up though!

  3. EORFPV says:

    I don't much care for hunters who bag on other hunters. If you're a true hunter you know it's about way more than the killing. It''s about wildlife husbandry, it's about the outdoors, it's about tracking & stalking & spotting & hiking & standing & playing with all our ridiculous toys that aren't necessary for pure hunting. They're just cool and fun! So does it really matter which different way we choose to dispatch animals as long as it's humane? Have fun bud, but know who your allies are.

  4. Evan Hindle says:

    so youd rather risk a bad shot and potentially send the animal off wounded? it all depends on confidence in your shot dude and if those optics ensure a clean kill who are you to bag on em. we cant all be super shots like you big guy

  5. theoposum10 says:

    those scopes dont seem very sportsman like, they pretty much take the skill out of shooting. the elk is very nice, u think hed show some respect for the animal and not use it for a damn foot rest.

  6. SOAonline says:

    Thank You, the number of bugling bulls was amazing! I've hunted lots of elk, but this was a one of a kind experience. We've had a rash of anti-hunters on our pages of late, and it's good to hear some positive feedback. Thanks for watching, more great videos to come.

  7. GandolfTheGrape says:

    This video really shows the positive side of hunting. The hunters were ecstatic not only when a bull was finally taken, but every time they got to see the beautiful animals up close. The pure joy shared amongst the shooter and her companions is clearly the apex of a long, challenging journey in which they communed with nature in the most primal way-harvesting their food from the wilderness. Anti-hunting advocates should take note, we're not in it for reasons of bloodlust. Great work Steve.

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