45 thoughts on “Arrowhead Hunting: Secrets Of The Creek

  1. History Buff says:

    You guys sound like your from Alabama. I got a bunch of complete pieces I've found within 20 feet of a creek and within 300 feet circle. I even have a bead made of clay that is shaped like a eggplant,also effigy of a fish a couple of points like you pontratrain point and birdpoint smaller than dime. Can you give me a good source to id my finds? They are all so different in style and color of material it's crazy. I do have one nice size Kentucky blue? Even a small white one. Hunting season is almost here and I hope to get a couple of trips back in and try to work the creek. I said you sound like your in Alabama thats where I'm at walker co.

  2. Spoils of war Militaria says:

    I live in center Oklahoma, no known chert or flint sights for 20+ miles. I also live on the flood plains. I’ve searched our creek once that is on our property but never dug like you have here. Is it still worth checking out?

  3. Jessica Golden says:

    How can one find so many Indian artefacts within one day. Let alone the content within the whole channel, absolutely love this stuff like I've said on other videos would love to see you invest into gorpo. Here in Ohio I've never see not one arrowhead. Are they here?

  4. Frederick W. says:

    I don't know how you contain your excitement. I just found my first point and I'm still excited. I found 6 pieces of pottery today and about lost my shit! Youve got a nice honey hole! Happy hunting!

  5. Robby Clark says:

    When I was 11 years old I found my fist arrowhead, a Savannah…….I thank God for my childhood adventures, they kept me out of trouble…..I can tell you that kids need to learn this hobby. It is the most brain stimulating thing you will ever experience……

  6. Nevius says:

    I've always been interested in hunting for arrow heads since I was 7 and I found a arrow head while rinsing my football off in the Delaware river in my home town of Gloucester city in South NJ. After some research I found that the Lenape Indians lived up and down the river. I came across this video and you resparked a interest in this hobby. Do you have any other tips for me and my 8 year old son?

  7. Wayne Lowry says:

    Great videos! I've always loved to look for these but not had too much luck. I live in Ga and have picked up a few while fishing. My 10 year old daughter is wanting to find some so badly. My question-Are small branches good places to look? The few I've found were close to big rivers. But, I don't have access to these areas anymore. However, I do have access to many smaller branches/creeks. Thanks!

  8. troym33 says:

    I found 3 nice ones in a small field on top of a hill that had recently been plowed. Usually if you can find a hot spot like that it’s where they camped for a while.

  9. Sawkitooyah says:

    Quit while you still have some of your dignity left. This is one argument that you can't win, grandpa. You're not as sharp as you thought you were. I guess some people can't accept the fact that their already passed their prime. Smh…lol!

  10. Ted Cox says:

    It is not fake. These are points from battles. These people were
    At war continually.. millions were
    Left where the warrior fell. No one
    Dug graves. Believe it or not!

  11. E6 Swine & Cattle says:

    You’ve got some serious knowledge of the past my friend. Well done. We bought a farm in eastern Ohio with super steep hills.m and ponds / creeks in the bottoms. Any advice where to start looking for a novice?

  12. Brenick Andrew says:

    Hey. I’m looking for very old farm land to rent for a week. I am planning to arrowhead hind and metal detect on the old land for a week. If you have any suggestions please respond. Thanks and happy new year!

  13. Andrew Albert says:

    My brother has a honey hole on the river behind his house, almost every time the river comes up and recedes, he walks out and finds one or two in same little area. We may have to take shovel out there and see what we can dig up! Cool video

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