33 thoughts on “Disrespectful Angler RUINS My Duck Hunt

  1. Steve Benson says:

    Pick up your gear drive to the boat dock and straighten things out. If you feel you can't handle the person hard to drive home on 4 flat tires. There are people who can't respect other people it's all about them. If you were waiting at the dock bet he's attitude would change for the better. It sucks it comes down to sticking up for your rights but some people deserve what they bring on.

  2. North Country Boyz says:

    New York. It’s called hunter harassment. They would actually ticket him, could take his boat, and his truck. We had a guy do it to us a few years ago…he got himself a hefty little fine for messing with our hunt. Sucks that people have to be douche bags like that.

  3. oldfool01 says:

    I have had this happen to me on several occasions. Being of the less financially fortunate ilk, I am forced to hunt public water. And with winters getting warmer, it seems we have more fisherman out there during duck season. So, you know every so often, this kind of thing is inevitable. But, what amazes me (and I see TheDecoyDude has already alluded to the fact) is how little regard these inconsiderate idiots have for their own safety. Do they ever stop to think. "Hey, I'm sitting here in the open, right in front of these guys and they have loaded guns"!

    Now to you fishermen that have done or are contemplating doing this: Please don't. Waterfowl hunters have to pick their location before they even leave the ramp based on wind direction, water depth, etc,. You can fish virtually anywhere and any time. There is a short season for waterfowling. A great place to set a decoy spread is usually not a great place to fish (shallow water). And remember, somebody was throwing big chunks of lead and plastic in that water and wading around in it only a little while before you arrived (frightened the fish away). Driving up in your bass boat and dropping your trolling motor doesn't entail the same amount of effort as placing three or four dozen dekes and building or setting a blind. So just motor on over to another spot. If you just, absolutely, positively, have to fish that spot, wait a couple of hours and those pesky waterfowlers will pick up and leave it all to your lonesome.

    Special thanks to Tones Adventures for letting me get that off my chest.

  4. Scuba Steve says:

    I play music on my phone "I'm gonna miss her " (Brad Praisley) after they stop and it gets real quite …. the fun of public hunting I bet you where every proud of your hunting buddy doing I great job as always good luck on the next one

  5. PBond Fishing says:

    I'm an angler and a duck hunter. This is one of the top rules on the water. Don't fuck up someone else's hunt or fuck up their fishing. If you see someone at a spot u are going go far in front or far behind where they are.

  6. fullstrutn says:

    I feel the same way legal bird get to watch my dog work I'll shoot good pup good workout,great job on cripple for a young dog.I had a guy do me that way on a local lake 30 yards out and they KNOW they're messing you up

  7. Chris Machaj says:

    Bubba move shooting that first one on the water. Next time be a sportsman and cut it from the air, when it's wings aren't covering its body and it's vital organs are not below the waterline. It's more humane.

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