Marlin 1894 357 and 44 Mag Rifles Review – Pistol Caliber Rifles – Scout Hunter

This is more of a show and tell than a full review. I discuss the concept of the pistol-caliber rifles. This isn’t new and goes back a few hundred years. This is the Marlin model 1894 44 mag and the model 1894C 357 Mag lever action rifles. These little gems are light, fast, and fun. The 44 mag in particular was my absolute go-to rifle for several years. HIGHLY recommend you getting your hands on one.

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Weaver K4 Scope:

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23 thoughts on “Marlin 1894 357 and 44 Mag Rifles Review – Pistol Caliber Rifles – Scout Hunter

  1. TheGDizzo says:

    I have no idea why all these people gripe about the crossbolt safety! I like it. It's extremely quite to take that crossbolt safety off. To be as quiet pulling back the hammer… it can be done… but requires practice and coordination with a partial pull of the trigger while pulling back on the hammer. To me? That's just askin' for some fool to mess up and have an accidental discharge. And quite frankly, I feel that everything you can do to take away one less thing to have to be dealing with in the moment of truth is an advantage. When I'm on a sit…I can find that safety no problemo with my fingers without looking at my rifle and push it in and it's super quiet. And I need that quietness when game is like only 25yds or less away from me! P.S. I highly recommend the Weaver Classic 1-3x20mm scope for leverguns. Only 8.5oz and it's a true 1x on lwest setting so you can whip on target with both eyes open. And the glass is real good! Also?… I had a slip-and-fall with that rifle in my hand and shattered my wrist when it slammed into a river stone while crossing a creek. On the objective end of that weaver it got all kindsa bent up. After a surgery, titaniumplate nd 13 screws later… I finally healed up. The next year? She was STILL ZEROED and I took my biggest public lands muledeer yet in my young hunting career.

  2. Scott Freeman says:

    Only in Texas is 20° too cold to go to the range. In New York if the gunoil ain't frozen we're shootin'

    Looking into either a .357 mag, 44 mag, or 45 colt lever gun, I have all three in pistols but can't decide which one I want first.

  3. Admiral Good Boy says:

    Magnum rifles are very popular in New Zealand compared to pistols in hunting wild pigs got my self a beauty rossi m92 in the 44mag usually shoot goats with it shooting at close range is personally fun it creates a whole harder challenge at stalking game

  4. 40belowful says:

    I have a new 44 magnum which is great and picked up a jm  stamp 357 one at gun show recently. 357 are hard to find . very cool lever guns and both mine hold 10 rounds in them

  5. SuperButch888 says:

    i love texas……even if im not from the US….a few state that i really admire….my cousin who moved there hated texas for its pro 2nd amendment stand and a free state…..i find him ridiculously stupid…told him if you do not like texas…get the hell are not needed there, told him to move to a communist state like california or new york….GOD bless texas…come and take it!!!

  6. Brandon N says:

    My gun store has one for 350 used. Wouldnthis be good or should inwait for price toncome down? Also side question can these chanber larger loads for bears in the 340 grain range with heavier rounds ie-longer bulletz?

  7. guy west says:

    found two marlin 336's  30-30 "s at a local pawn shop bot scoped one pre safety one with price for the pre safety is 450 the other is just over 500. also a rossi 38 357 with 16 in barrel for 730. layed it awat but an still thinking about the pre safety marlan its my first riffle and at mt age, know a guy who is willing to take me hunting if i get my own riffle your subjestions 

  8. George Gardner says:

    I live in Ohio and this year they are allowing hunters to hunter deer with c arbines. I own a Marlin 1884C and I an wanting to use it but the state wants the gun to only be able to hold three rounds. How would I go about plugging it? Thanks.

  9. Kane Jones says:

    Me and my dad have been searching for a good .357 mag marlin 1894c or the cowboy model but the two we found the first the man didn't want to sell and the second had a stupid bright blue stock and was in .45 colt. It would be nice to see more being made because they would sell pretty well, the one I've shot belongs to my club and I doubt they would sell it, i'll have to keep looking 🙁 haha great review of an amazing rifle.

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