43 thoughts on “FlyWolf Hunting Slingshot Rifle 12 Beams Rubber band Gun – Now upgraded to 16 Beams on store

  1. Сергей кулемин says:

    стрело ишак нельзя по животным стрелять любым!!😠 они не могут дать здачи
    ты попробуй по рсгвардии
    или по омону,пичуга беззащитна трогать ее не моги
    немоги за её малый рост малый рост!!!😛

  2. E.F. S. says:

    It would not have been necessary to shoot a bird. He just wanted to live. But as you can see, most people have a very small ego uh I wanted the Slingshotnd think they can lift it up with killing. I already wanted to order. It has been resolved.

  3. Adam Airel Afif says:

    This is the best slingshot rifle from China. It can shoots any projectiles like small pebbles, darts, arrows, glass marbles, steel balls. All you hv to do is modify the catapult.. nothing featured here in this channel come close to this slingshot rifle versatility.

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