25 thoughts on “Elk hunting in Montana with Ben Gonsioroski

  1. Dylan Bruce says:

    Glad you upload missed opportunities and hunts without a harvest. Traditional archery hunting involved a lot more failure than with a gun or modern bows. It's important people also see the value of proper woodsmanship. Props for explaining why you didn't take a shot at the bull in the video.

  2. Karl Roberts says:

    Very nice hunt. Majestic animal. I've never had the opportunity to hunt Elk, but stalking and calling really appeals to me. Love the communication between hunter and beast. Excellent video.

  3. Austin Evans says:

    Great video Ben! Its actually quite refreshing to see a video that didnt end with a bull on the ground. Very realistic. haha. Also very good calling. One thing I might say, coming from a fellow traditional archer, is to practice drawing and releasing in one fluid motion, quickly. I've been in a few similar instances with elk, deer and turkey where I was "stuck." I found that one quick, fluid draw and release is the way to go. Yes they will see the movement but the arrow is already on the way, and if within 20 yards, is usually buried in their lungs by the time they run. It works but they have to be close. The down side is that it can take a lot of practice to get good shooting this way, but man it sure works.
    Its perfect for turkey hunting without a blind. You just wait till they are just within your range and fire an arrow quickly, it seems like just about the only way to get a good shot off in front of those sharp eyes. Good luck on your future hunts.

  4. Ben Gonsioroski says:

    A note to the public… This video was uploaded as a "share my experience" motive. If you are a nasty jealous know it all person, who leaves negative comments because of your own lack of actual field experience, your comments will be deleted. This bull was not shot at, harassed, or abused in any way. If you have a problem with real life hunting videos, why watch them! Give it up…your negative comments have no lasting power.

  5. Lawrence Foy says:

    kalispell is my hometown, great, great, grand daddy was the 1st white settler in the flathead valley…john foy. foy's lake is where he homesteaded…wish i could afford to move back; stuck in ohio!

  6. Curtis Pittman says:

    I love elk hunting videos where a game animal is not harvested. An example of "hunting" and not "killing." Witnessing an elk bust your line of scent is very true to form! So many of these videos illustrate false realities of guys harvesting trophy bulls. I am a DIY bowhunter and can tell you a ton of work goes into harvesting one of these animals. Awesome video, I would love to see more!

  7. Ben Gonsioroski says:

    Hi James, there are many calls that work well so I don't think the brand is as important as knowing when to call and what type of sound to make in a given situation. In order for you to consistently call in that big bull, you have to put in lots and lots of good ole fashioned field time. Just get out there and hang out with elk and learn everything you can about what makes them tick. Ever hear of role playing? Get out there in the peak of the rut and become an elk. Then you'll know what to do.

  8. Ben Gonsioroski says:

    Maybe others have had success with scent killer, but if you ask me, nothing that man can make really covers your stinky sweaty body from the awesome power of an elks nose. Maybe cover scents or scent lock works with tree stand hunting cause your not perspiring as much, but out in the field…what you smell like is going to come to the surface and when it does…sniff, they got ya.

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