Deer Hunting New York Catskills Rifle 2016 8pt

Deer hunting 2016 had some crazy weather. Received up to a food of snow after the gun season opener. Plenty of does around but no doe permits in the mountains I hunt. I did see a buck unable to get a shot with thick trees in the way. My father was able to take a nice 8pt after the snow storm ended.

9 thoughts on “Deer Hunting New York Catskills Rifle 2016 8pt

  1. Todd Souhrada says:

    Great video! Nice to see real hunters. Not all of us have a place where we can walk for miles but you can still hunt the right way. Out in the elements and in nature living with the animals and giving them fair chance!!!!! I can bet this man has had far many more days without getting a deer than he has with getting his deer. And that is how it should be! Keep on going guys. Oh, did you have to yell BAAAA to it before you shot it? Oh that is right you were actually hunting not shooting out of a tree house! Have a great day!

  2. Chuck Toffey says:

    A doe is not a him!
    & your buck is not a her!!! WTF.
    It's a deer trail, not a deer path.
    That's NOT A BIG OL BUCK!!
    2 milesπŸ‘Œ, that means 200 yards..

    Lol yuppie NY hunters!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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