Remington 700 SPS Camo 243 Rifle with Redfield 4-12×40 Review – Scout Hunter

I review one of the best rifles ever made! This is the Remington Model 700 SPS Camo in the ever-popular 243 Winchester caliber. This rifle is wearing a Redfield 4-12×40 scope with the Accu Range reticle. You can’t go wrong with a Remington, and this rifle is a great performer at a great price of normally around $550.

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Redfield Revolution Scope:

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9 thoughts on “Remington 700 SPS Camo 243 Rifle with Redfield 4-12×40 Review – Scout Hunter

  1. PaLEOjd says:

    The Remington 700 is most definitely a budget rifle.
    The ADL, SPS are low end budget rifles. Remington quality has been terrible since the Freedom Group takeover. Buying currency production Remington is a terrible decision and waste of money for extremely low quality.
    People are much better off buying Browning, Winchester, Weatherby for a budget rifle, or their higher end rifles.

  2. Ronald Goldman says:

    I bought a Rem. 700 243 ADL BLK stock 24" barrel about 4 months ago at our local Rule King for $439 Great buye, I also love the 700 Rems I also have one in 270 and 7mm Mag ….. I also LOVE the Savage Rifles Great accuracy as well

  3. Douglas Barrow says:

    Like the review. I do want to get a rifle chambered in .243 at some point. Been looking mostly at Savage. I have a Redfield scope too. Mine is from their Revenge line though, 4-12×42 mounted on my Savage 93R17 .17 HMR. I agree with you that Redfield is one of the best deals in scopes on the market.

  4. David Colon says:

    I agree with you!!!! I have a Remington 700 ADL .270win with a Redfield scope and is the perfect combination , now my next combo I want to buy is exactly the same setup you have same caliber!!!

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