Elk Hunting In Arizona by Darr Colburn and Jay Scott

Live footage of big AZ elk! Lots wallowing, rutting, bugling, sparring and other crazy elk action.

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16 thoughts on “Elk Hunting In Arizona by Darr Colburn and Jay Scott

  1. Brooks Reale says:

    The main thing for any animal rights activist or card carrying PETA member to know, is that through hunting and conservation we as hunters have saved countless species and helped plentiful species such as elk flourish. The amount of money we contribute toward habitat and conservation, dwarfs what PETA and animal rights activists put forward.
    That said thank you very much for this video, those are some gorgeous Elk. I've guided in CO for 10 yrs and move to AZ in march application starts….

  2. Cactus Wolf says:

    Thanks for reply. We both have valid issues. Wild meat has been linked to brain damage. Look it up on Google. It is best to eat a vegetarian diet and leave the animals alone. I have my opinion, you have yours, th

  3. Nick McLean says:

    You're comparing the life of an animal to the life of a human. That is downright ignorant at best. You say there is plenty of farmed meat, have you seen the conditions poultry, beef cattle, etc. live? Downright disgusting, not to mention that it is pumped full of hormones that have been linked to cancer. Wild me obtained from hunting is THE organic food. You just label hunters as rednecks because it's comfortable for you, well I have news for you son, the vast majority are not!

  4. LeaverAction says:

    Great video, beautiful shots of outstanding animals but I am disappointed with the 'wolf talk' on the comments. Hunters over the last century have brought many species back from potential extinction including many species that are not hunted through the dollars invested in ammunition and contributions to their sport, so do your homework and give the hunters a break and the 'wolf talk' a rest.

  5. bill blackburn says:

    i am a conservationist…and a hunter. i no more subscribe to being part of a homogeneous group than you do to being called a murderer because you would kill a man for the right reason. you have a right set of "circumstances"…i have a right set of "circumstances". don't call me a redneck hunter and i won't call you a murderer.

  6. Cactus Wolf says:

    Anything that has a recognizable face. I respect all animals who have the capacity to enjoy life and to suffer pain. I am a peso vegetarian, I only eat small fish like sardines and trout and only occasionally. I used to hunt and I have no problem killing a person in self defense or for ol' glory. I feel that there is no need to perpetuate suffering, there is enough farmed meat. I know hunters. Hunters basically enjoy killing…that's the bottom line. This fact says a lot about them!

  7. bill blackburn says:

    btw, at what level of life do you draw your sanctimonious line? vertebrates…invertebrates…multi-cell organisms…single cell organisms…animal…plant…human…non-human? and on whose authority is your line drawn? do you have an authority?

  8. Cactus Wolf says:

    The same goes for hunters… why have them die of old age? One shot is better if we subscribe to your analogy.
    As a sniper, I have the same feeling you have towards animals, towards hunters. And as far as wildlife goes, it's better to let them live out their natural life, whatever that may entail.

  9. bill blackburn says:

    yeah, it's a shame to kill them with one shot. we'd rather have them sucumb to being eaten alive by a preditor or dying of a disease of old age. has mankind been wrong for thousands of years for taking animals?

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