Eidolon Hunting In Warframe – In Depth Guide

A guide on not only how to break into the Eidolon hunting activity in Warframe, but also a guide on what it takes to build your efficiency at it so that you can start joining some of the more eclectic groups that are getting several kills per night.

This is a heavily edited and produced video because I wanted the information to be real targeted and helpful.

I hope this helps some of you in getting started or improving at my favorite activity in Warframe right now. It’s a load of fun, my dudes.

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Also, the site to use when checking if the Eidolon is about to spawn. Check the section “Cetus Day/Night Cycle”. NOT “Earth Day/Night Cycle”.


27 thoughts on “Eidolon Hunting In Warframe – In Depth Guide

  1. Stechi says:

    The video creator has recognized his mispronunciation of the word 'meta' and will henceforth pronounce it correctly

    00:00 Intro/Spoiler Warning
    00:25 Intro – Why do it?

    01:22 Hunt – Vomvalysts
    01:43 Hunt – Teralyst
    02:03 Hunt – Basics

    03:22 The other Eidolons – Intro
    04:11 The other Eidolons – Brillant Eidolon Shards
    05:08 The other Eidolons – Capturing Eidolons
    06:41 The other Eidolons – Gantulyst
    07:25 The other Eidolons – Hydrolyst

    07:57 Hunt – Multiple Runs
    08:20 Hunt – The Meta – Intro
    08:50 Hunt – Lingo / Terminology

    09:42 Hunt – The Meta – Frames
    09:50 Hunt – The Meta – Frames – Chroma
    10:05 Hunt – The Meta – Frames – Trinity
    10:20 Hunt – The Meta – Frames – Volt
    10:34 Hunt – The Meta – Frames – Harrow
    10:58 Hunt – The Meta – Frames – Addition – Roles

    11:14 Hunt – The Meta – Equipment – Archwing
    11:32 Hunt – The Meta – Equipment – Pets
    12:22 Hunt – The Meta – Equipment – Amps

    12:59 Hunt – Advanced
    13:10 Hunt – Advanced – Operator Mode
    13:45 Hunt – Advanced – Void Strike – Intro
    14:27 Hunt – Advanced – Void Strike – Tips
    15:31 Hunt – Advanced – Void Strike – Unairu Wisps

    16:50 Hunt – The Meta – Equipment – Arcanes – Frame
    17:20 Hunt – The Meta – Equipment – Arcanes – Operator
    17:45 Hunt – The Meta – Equipment – Arcanes – Aquisition

    17:58 Hunt – The Meta – Focus + Passives

    18:56 Outro

    Hope that helps, finding the topics you are interested in.

    Edit: The author of this video asked me to put his remark on top of my comment. 😉

  2. canton7180 says:

    awesome guide man, comprehensive as fuck, 2 thumbs up, I wish other people trying to do guides like this, most of the time I 'm left more lost then when I listened or read them.

  3. Matt Mitchell says:

    I've watched quite a few of these types of vids and this is by far the most clear and concise one yet. Just absolutely to the point for people who have tried eidolon hunts butaybe don't get a few of the mechanics. TY

  4. Panagiotis Tabakis says:

    I used to avoid this part of the game because I play alone, but after watching this I can join a team and not get bullied about mechanics and actually be useful in the whole fight. Kudos friend, I will always keep your words with me.

  5. HisingenWolf says:

    Efficacy doesnt mean efficiency. I hear a lot of people in the Warframe playerbase especially, use this word wrong. What you mean when you say it is efficiency. Which is keeping a consistent flow of effectiveness in terms of spent time and resorce vs reward.
    Efficacy is a level of which you feel capable. Accomplishment in which you feel effective. Efficacy or self-efficacy is the feeling that you are in control of handling your task effectively and that you are capable of achieving your goal. Which is actually a thing that can be lost even though you accomplished your goal. Usually either when you got carried by another player or when the process of achieving your goal doesnt feel like you did anything for it. Something many felt with the grind for the ice step and shock step ephemera through the exploiter orb.
    So it's not the same as efficiency.

  6. ATLASXI I I says:

    I really should have never stopped playing. Should've stuck with the grind cuz the game is in an amazing spot right now, but I am so lost as to what to do now with so much content


    More toxic "maytah" cookie cutting that encourages the community to become elitist and if this is not what youre running then gtfo trash. What if I told you the game was designed to be played anyway shape or form with all content in mind and to smack cookie cutting in the face. Oh lets create 100s of mods but Wonder why the community only thinks they have to use 12 of the same ones? Becuase cookie cutting BS like this. The community is better off without people creating a following of elitists. Let people think for themselves instead of pushing a "maytah"

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