41 thoughts on “The Pizza Rolls (A Deer Hunting Tale)

  1. Braunstein Freres says:


    8:30 in the morning
    Not a deer in sight
    My food blocks looking like a ghost town
    And I could really use a bite
    My stomach is a growling like a storm movin' in
    I'm really craving something
    Let me tell you what it is
    Ooh The Pizza Rolls
    Oh The Pizza Rolls
    I'm ready to be driving
    To my house across town
    I'm pacing in the steer stand
    Lord I'm ready to get down
    Asking for a miracle
    Hoping they appear
    Praying that the next time
    I could keep my mind on deer
    Not The Pizza Rolls

    Oh The Pizza Rolls
    The Pizza Rolls
    And a big ol' Sprite
    They ain't good when they're cold
    Ya gotta cook em' just riIIight
    Turn the oven OOooooon
    Get yourself a bowl
    They'll steal your heart
    The Pizza Rolls

    (Deer Call)

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