29 thoughts on “"Cans gone wild" – Canvasback duck hunting

  1. Rocket Fuel says:

    The reason limit is one is they are a beautiful but stupid duck land in decoys after you shoot at them kinda like bluebills. If you could kill 6 they would be extinct. I do love to hear those cans come thru decoys at full throttle wings cupped sounds like a rocket. lock 69

  2. Bob says:

    Only Can I have ever seen in the wild is off the Alaksan wildlife Preserve .
    Dam bird flies about a million miles an hour off the Preserve and real hard to get a bead on him(pass shooting)

  3. Easyrider Pappy says:

    Hunters child. You are trying to help cover up the poaching ring that these and others like them. GAme hogs is the word. If the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service and the DNR didn't do something about this. It would be like to Hunter shooting 15 min. Early before legal shooting time and thinking it's all right. Nothing but scrum bags for sure.

  4. Doug Oxford says:

    I live in California and we can shoot one per day. That is a joke. We have more Cans on the lake then all other birds combined. Our lake is White with cans. Everywhere you look. You will kill your Can before you finish putting out decoys. Great video guys.

  5. Brett Winegarden says:

    Nipples video. Open that spread up and you will have em land in the decoys with greater numbers rather than a couple. The flock congregating outside your spread and them swimming in is because ur spread is to tight. Cans r simple to decoy. Be were they wanna b. And less decoys is more. At least out west.

  6. Laydle Pohlman says:

    over here in MN it would be an honor for me to get a Canvasback! we hunt next to a big lake and someone hunts the island and they always choose the island over the dinky slough we hunt on!

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