Benjamin Bulldog 357! Big Bore Air Rifle

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32 thoughts on “Benjamin Bulldog 357! Big Bore Air Rifle

  1. George Magana says:

    I saw this on amazon. I kinda got scared because, I realized how easy it is to buy it because it is just an air gun. This thing can kill, and it has 5 round clips of .357 pellets. Imagine if a highschooler bought this.

  2. Herm Wanderer says:

    Still only a really slow .357 in the air. In my opinion of you aren't getting over 1100fps you need to be throwing bowling balls to get shit done, a 300 grain .44 going 900fps would be nice though.

  3. bluewater454 says:

    Got one last year. With the 115 gr Aero Magnums, I am getting three inch groups at 100 yards. Havent taken anything past an unlucky racoon with it yet, but I would have no problem taking larger game as well. Plenty of videos of guys taking hogs and deer with it. Good enough for me.

  4. Genghis Chuan says:

    there are some real good mods now for this like the pitbull modulator that kills sound quite a bit he also shows how to make better regulator and how to de-ping it . Im getting one of these

  5. Sam Spade says:

    There is French company which uses carbon fiber air tanks for their compressed air vehicles. This kind of tank can hold a lot more pressure than a more traditional one. Carbon fiber air tanks do not explode when punctured, but split open instead (like a banana🍌). Is this technology currently being used by air rifle manufacturers?

  6. Jack Danny says:

    My brother killed two bucks in one day with this gun. I hardly believed him when he told me he used a pellet gun. But he really did. I checked it only has 900 fps I didn't know that would be enough to do it but he absolutely did. It didn't scare everything off it was so quiet my 30/30 will run everything out of the county. So this is pretty crazy to me I never thought a pellet gun could drop deer.

  7. Erus Erus says:

    الان دختر کوس و پیر و یائسه دهقان همینو میکنه بهانه تا با زیررکیر خوابی مامور و قاضی به پرونده دیگه برای ما تحت مددکار اجتماعی و عاشق درست میکنه برای اینکه ریا نکنه زیر کیر پدر و جد و اباد ما میخوابه که بگه او نبوده ،

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