40 thoughts on “Deer Hunting With Dogs 2017! Season 3 EP 4(Kill Shot) 8 Deer Down! #17

  1. Todd says:

    Dog hunting for deer? Ruthless and unethical from this stand point letting deer suffer while being chewed on. I'm a hunter, been in the woods since I could walk. This is shameful, cant stand dog hunters. Lazy

  2. bass master87 says:

    Umm yeah there is alot of difference I don't hunt over bait the deer I shoot is one shot one kill we don't have 14 people shooting the same deer they outlawed dogs where I live because of that reason now we have more deer than we ever have and More ethical hunters to

  3. Ryan Smith says:

    A bunch of fat lazy a s s f u c ks that can't actually use skills to gather for their family's. Lol its actually the dogs taking a man's place in providing for their families. Ha lol. A bunch of fat lazy boys that are second to their dogs. Good dog… Lol…. No not you fat lazy F U C K. The dog did the work…

  4. Ty Smith says:

    Cheatn basterds thats why 90 percent of deer in indiana are gone from u all drivn them out and killn alot i remember seeing 10 or more deer the first day now it takes a month to even see one its sad.

  5. bass master87 says:

    Them poor deer never have a chance with 50 dogs and hunters it don't seem fair chase to me omg the part where the deer was fighting are you kidding me that's not ethical hunting to me

  6. Brian Thaxton says:

    I have been a hunter all my life and I will always support it….what you do is disgusting and Karma will come around!  Letting that doe suffer in the field with dogs and hunters just standing there????  I really hope someone lets the DNR see this!  Nothing here to be proud of, that's for sure…

  7. Maurice Timmons says:

    Man I have said this once before I have got to get me one of those dog boxes That joker is a Cadillac It shows how you care for your dogs if you can give me the information for where you got it I am going to look into trying to get me one Good Hunting keep em running

  8. Jen and Tim OUTDOORS says:

    you make a pretty good video about cutting the dogs off and being disrespectful to other standards buyback standing and cutting them off so they can't hunt also the part where you film the dogs fighting a deer that just gives dog drivers and dog hunters a Bad Name the next time we go and face are South Carolina legislative these are the kind of videos that show those big name lawyers that try to stop our dog hunting rights in South Carolina y'all to clean it up a good bit thanks a lot for the crazy videos you post

  9. Steve Mills says:

    I hunt. At 11:46. you have three guys surrounding a spine-shot deer, letting dogs chew it up while the terrified deer tries to escape with only its front legs. One of these guys hanging out has a shotgun. Why didn't he put that deer out of it's misery. This is our ethical obligation as hunters. I'm disgusted but waiting on an answer: why didn't somebody put this deer swiftly out of its misery??

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