5 Guns Every American Should Own…


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47 thoughts on “5 Guns Every American Should Own…

  1. Vault Boy says:

    I just started following this channel, I am a OIF veteran as well, just found you all and I just found out about Barry passing, hate hearing it, seems like a really good guy.

  2. El Rico says:

    About RIFLES … Be most certain to understand, a diabolically motivated adversary cannot allow any of its prey to continue having Rifles. And 'Yes!'… specifically Rifles. Rifles are now and will always be the primary tool of any well formed, solid resistance facing an oppressive power, a regime having the sole want to completely control and then destroy you. To destroy the order and existence of your Nation. The Rifle is the one tool that enables good men and women to resist the onslaught of an oppressive regime. Yes, the Rifle may have the appearance of being small and perhaps even an inadequate thing, but, it is the Rifle that ensures your allies that your available force is now on equal par with the terrible threat at hand. By having full possession of the Rifle you soon realize it is the single tool, the very means-in-hand to overcome and defeat and survive attacks hurled upon the innocents by very evil entities, which would, by its wicked schemes, bring about a most vile work to utterly destroy you. In the order of any violent event, it is certain, the actions quickly indicate the conflict has resorted to ground purposed confrontations. The real battle to control everything is suddenly met and staged right then and there. And, historically, it always has been so. Essentially, this is the true and proper environment that demands soldiers to have the all important Rifle. However, if the Rifle is somehow removed from the hands of good men, before or during a conflict, an impending invasion, either in the cities or the countryside, then that conflict would soon be had by overwhelming evil forces wanting to capture and control everyone, everywhere. And it surely will. The Rifle is the single, most needful tool in any armies armory … and it will always be precisely that. The simple and highly coveted pistol simply falls short at serving this need. On the battlefield the pistol is almost useless I dare say. However, the Rifle is fully capable of reaching out and it easily strikes from afar. Any wicked threat within eyesight cannot fail to realize grave apprehension because the 'Good Guys' are armed with Rifles. It is viable and sufficient in every regard. Today, this is precisely why the enemy does not want your Rifle in your hands. The adversary will do everything in it's conniving power to remove the Rifle through deceptive legal processes … or if need be- the adversary itself will take up the Rifle and quickly pounce to take yours from your very hands. That action absolutely cannot be allowed without it facing an immediate, strong and relentless resistance. The ensuing scenario would then become most dire.

  3. zanji says:

    1:47 of course, EVERYBODY needs a COMBAT weapon. God, you americans are really retarded. Its called COMBAT weapon, its a damn rifle, you dont need those at home, you dont need any gun at home. Im from germany and we're all fine without guns. 'MERICA! This is bullshit …

  4. simon linton says:

    After the El Paso and Dayton and other shootings I Googled "America's favourite assault rifles" and this is what I found. A perfect example of why gun control in America is sorely needed. Who needs a pistol, shotgun, .22 rifle, assault rifle and "a crate of Mosins to arm ten men"? I loved guns when I was a teenager and young adult, but then I grew up. America needs to as well.

  5. Matthew Besson says:

    Far be it from me to suggest otherwise, but I don't think you can kill a Moose with a .22 LR. Am I wrong about that? I mean I suppose with some off the charts level of shot placement maybe, but real talk. C'mon man.

  6. C says:

    trade the mossberg, ruger and glock for a remington 870, M&P 15-22, S&W core 9mm, and let me see you kill a moose with a 22 while your at it shoot a bear with a shotgun see how well you do.

  7. BlackCat 56 says:

    weren't 5.56 meant to mame and wound on the battle field so it ties up other soldiers. a 7.62 x 39 is meant to kill. 308 is king, next to 30-30 or 30.06, too heavy round. what's the most decent 7.62 that's pretty light with good enough quality 16" barrel on the market. at a decent price.

  8. Dragon Eye664 says:

    Lol this here will kill a ground squirrel all the way up to a moose…. Customer: what is it ? : It's a 22LR …customer with gun knowledge : a 22LR? For a moose … Them: yes sir all you have to do is walk up on the moose and Jam the barrel of this thing in it's butt and pulled the trigger … : Customer: walks up to said moose and Jam the barrel in it's butt : moose: what the hell !!! Kicks customer in the throat killing him instantly lol 😂

  9. Sabonn Jones says:

    Krav maga for you all that can’t own guns. Especially those over in Europe. Too many men are weak. You’ve lost your Renaissance man with the feminist movement. You ripped your kids daddies away because you think you were oppressed in your marriages. Now we have two solid generations of snowflakes. Thankfully those of you who are watching this video don’t fall into those categories for the better part.

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