Rifle Test & Review: Remington 783

The Remington 783 is an economical hunting rifle sold at an astonishingly low MSRP of just $399 as a scoped combo. Discover how this budget-priced bolt action performed during our recent field testing.

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24 thoughts on “Rifle Test & Review: Remington 783

  1. Erick Fuentes says:

    UHHH the front scope ring is missing a screw. that means the scope was bouncing around probably a lot. Also the factory rings are not that great, and the ones he put on as replacements arent any better. I just got a Nikon buck master scope with weaver 2 rail tactical rings, and i must say that the rifle shoot 1 MOA easily. Mine is a 270 also so recoil isn't as bad.

  2. Some Asshole says:

    Kid is talking about the accuracy of the weapon saying it scores in the "Bottom 30s". LMAO!!! His Lead sled had no lead weights in the weight trays and his bench was a sick wobbly joke! Dude do us all a favor and go back to selling used cars because shooting isn't your bag. I bet I could give you the finest bolt action ever made in the world and you'd still bitch about it. Kid some of us are shootist and the rest just watch in amazement.

  3. PewPew Meefus says:

    Gawd. The rust nearly made me weep. I have owned Ruger M77s….Weatherby Vanguards….Several Savage 110s and 111s…..Mossberg Patriot Etc. My 783 in .270 is probably the best shooter out of the box. For a entry level Rifle it really is hard to beat. I mounted a Nikon buckmaster 4-12×40 the day after I bought it with some Warne Maxima Rings.Just wanted to do a cheapo build for range plinking and occasionall coyote hunting. Once the rifle was zeroed and cleaned…….At 100 yards with some Federal Fusion 130 grain I shot 0.72 MOA. These rifles work if you do your part. Would I take it into the mountains after a Dall sheep? Probably not. That's what my Kimber Mountain Accent in .280 Ackley is For 😊😊

  4. Bill Whitmire says:

    I have a 783 in 270 … I had planned on removing the scope .. But after initial range time … I left it .. Its a Vortex.. a fairly good scope .. It works on my 783 .. It is what it is …

  5. Geoff Clark says:

    I have one chambered in .300 WIN. Biggest piece of shit out there! Save your money! Oh and Cabelas won't warranty anything, even a gun that groups 3'at 200 yards brand new shooting Hornady match loads.

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