3 Best Public Land Elk Hunting Tips / HeDog Archery

Nate Law and HeDog Archery share 3 Best Public Land Elk hunting tips. Successful hunting sometimes just takes a little common sense. What to do and when to do it and what not to do can make all the difference in filling a tag and coming home with only tag soup.

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16 thoughts on “3 Best Public Land Elk Hunting Tips / HeDog Archery

  1. jason Roberts says:

    I like your clips buddy great job. I'm from TN i have never been elk hunting so. I am planning on a elk hunting trip for next year. I'm going to just get the over the counter tag in Coloradoa. What unit do you think is good I'm not looking for a monster bull lol that would be great but for my first trip any bull would would do. I'm going during the 1st rifle season or 2nd rifle. Thanks

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