Deer Hunters: Stop Being So Judgmental | Deer & Deer Hunting TV Deer & Deer Hunting TV. Season 14. Episode 4. In the real world, deer hunters are at different stages in their lives, have access to varying degrees of property (from poor to great), and are always short on free time. Some hunters like to hold out all year on the off chance they might bag a big buck. Others are perfectly content with taking the opportunities afforded in the moment. We dissect these topics and more in this episode of D&DH-TV, plus an exciting hunt with actress, model and cancer survivor Nicole McClain.

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8 thoughts on “Deer Hunters: Stop Being So Judgmental | Deer & Deer Hunting TV

  1. IRON60 BITCH says:

    Hope things legal I have no problem with it but the trophy hunting how hard is it really I’ve got 10 deer in my backyard every single night the last thing I want is one of them on the wall

  2. plebny says:

    Wonderful video, thank you. To me, deer hunting is time spent with God. I may not see a deer all morning but He shows me wonderful things. Trout fishing is like that, too. Taking your kid hunting is a huge step in the right direction and it means more and more to the kid as he or she gets older.

  3. Rick Dudzik says:

    Most of the big time tv hunters lack the skills a successfull public land hunter has the way ive seen it. im tired of people saying ive got hundresds of pics of this stud i just shot and all managed why even shoot it then.i bowhunt to enjoy nature and only have public land to hunt and am gratefull to even have a chance each season to see a nice deer so if i kill any deer out there dont tell me i need to let it walk and only shoot giant bucks. every hunter hunts for there own experience and thats as good as it gets

  4. Mark Hunt says:

    Every sport has at least one elitist faction. Bucks only, archery only, recurve only, flintlock only, dry fly only etc, etc…blah, blah blah. Obey the laws of the land AND ENJOY YOUR EXPERIENCE, MAKE YOUR MEMORY BECAUSE THOSE MEMORIES ARE ALL YOU GET TO KEEP.

  5. Mike Mower says:

    My first and only hunting experience was… after i was invited to go hunt with a coworker on his leased land he said if we see a big buck he wanted to be the one to take it. Hes been hunting his whole life with trophies on his wall. Then, when we got out there he said if we see a doe on our first day youre not going to shoot it are you? Only saw a couple doe on day one, little too far for me to accurately try.

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