Sako 85 "Hunter" .223Rem Rifle

The Sako 85 Hunter is a lightweight rifle ideal for long stalks as it won’t weigh you down. I managed to achieve sub-moa 5-shot groups at 100 yards using 3 different types of factory ammo. Typical Sako, nice and smooth with a great trigger!

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32 thoughts on “Sako 85 "Hunter" .223Rem Rifle

  1. William Prendergast says:

    Excellent video my friend, super Swarovski optics,i have the Sako 85 Bushnell Elite scope,i get half MAO with the Federal 55 grain ballistic tips.I thought your scope is a bit too high With the mounts,maybe you were shooting a little too fast and not giving the barrell time to cool down.Great foxing rifle,i wouldn't use a varmint heavy barrel for bench rest shooting.Like you said light gun to carry around hunting.Stay safe.

  2. CHE GUEVARA says:

    I got 3 of these amazing rifles in 7mm 30-06 and 300WSM 2 with Swarovski Z6 2,5-15×56 and 1 with a Meopta R2 2,5-15×56 illuminated, Last season I shot a 10 point Deer with my Sako 300 WSM at 476 , and I just bought a used sako A3 30-06 Just amazing I really enjoy shooting these beautiful rifles

  3. DrMike040298 says:

    Great review and a nice rifle! Quite frankly I'm a little disappointed in it's accuracy? I guess for the $$$ I would have expected much better performance. Although not as beautiful, the Ruger American Predator or offerings from Savage will embarrace this offering. A shooting friend if mine has a Sako in .223 and with 35-40gr pills shoots literally 1 ragged hole, .25moa.

    that's for the review, keep up the great job!

  4. SmartCells Recoil Pad says:

    Great review Ozzie. You mentioned the stock pad on the rifle is just a firm rubber. We manufacture recoil pads for Sako rifles, and we were wondering if you would be willing to do a review on our recoil pads to compare them to some of the others in the industry . Thank you.

  5. Andrew Murphy says:

    Sako's are the best factory rifle on the market, but who was the joker who put high mounts on this gun? Low mounts for a 40mm scope mate. you only want a couple mm clearance between scope and barrel. Get the optilocks in low and you will have a perfect outfit!

  6. Jacqui B says:

    Hi Ozzie, thanks for all your top notch reviews mate! I just bought a sako 85 and trying to figure out what height to get those optilocks in. Hope you don't mind checking for me what height those ones are on the 223? cheers mate!

  7. Paul Ayres says:

    Still waiting to get my B class variation on my licence. I had pretty much decided on the Tikka T3X Hunter in .223. Now you have me rethinking my choice! Only thing is I could get the Tikka and a good quality scope combined for the same price of the Sako alone.

  8. Aus Ant says:

    I have both the Hunter and the Varmint. Better than 0.25 MOA @ 100m with my handloads. A question: why have you not mounted the front scope base as per specification?



  9. GunBlue490 says:

    As a life long Sako owner going back to my first 222 L469 action Vixen, and having now a Tikka T3 222, with a number of other Sakos, I can attest that all have been incredibly fine shooters. Not one wasn't capable of sub MOA 5 shot groups, even before they advertized such accuracy. But, though there are a number of finer details that add up to their higher cost, there is one significant detail that separates the Sako and Tikka beyond all else; the individualized action sizes of the Sako that precisely correspond to each cartridge.

    Hint: please measure your groups from the leading edges of the widest bullet holes; alternatively, measure the widest edges and subtract one bullet diameter. It's the only way to get a true center to center measurement.

  10. Brenton McMahon says:

    Hi Ozzie. I own the same rifle in .308 with a 20" barrel and it's a great compact rifle to carry around. It's beautifully balanced and I have had the best accuracy so far with Norma 180gr Plastic Points. You mention in the review that you don't have a set trigger but I noticed in the video that it looks like the trigger blade is black. I was under the impression that the set trigger has a black trigger blade and the standard single stage is silver. This may have changed, or I may be wrong, but it might be worth checking to see if the trigger on your rifle has the set option.

  11. ExF1Guy says:

    You missed the third position on the safety. Put it in safe and depress the button just in front of the safety to open the bolt. This keeps the rifle in safe and will lock the bolt as soon as it is closed. One of the best safety designs IMHO.

    Great video!

  12. obbeification says:

    You should try your Sako with some European made rounds. Sako, Lapua, Norma and Sellier&bellot rounds works fine. They are the one we use mostly here in finland. Have to say that Sako is not that much better than Tikka. I had a T3 in 6×55 for years and worked really well. Now I am using customised tikka m65 with Kkc stock in 7×65 and 30-06. Perfect combination with lapua ammuntion. Keep up the good work👍

  13. Red Quoll says:

    New rifle Ozzie or just a demo for the review mate?
    Im a Sako fan …never had an issue with one in the bush hunting …
    Had feeding issues with a Tikka in the bush ….my mates 270 tikka has feeding issues when hunting ….has cost him a few big boars !

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