Deer Hunting With A 10mm Handgun

Realtree “Guns and Camo” blogger, Adam Millard, hunts and takes a whitetail with a 10mm handgun. Read the blog on the hunt here:

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Please watch: “203” Colorado Whitetail with HUGE Mass | Vicki Cianciarulo”


26 thoughts on “Deer Hunting With A 10mm Handgun

  1. Jerry Wells says:

    why not try doing it the way I do it with a 10mm shoot her in the HEAD!!!!! No meat loss – No trailing!!!!! And when there that close (doe range) it's pretty hard to miss.

  2. coreysilverado says:

    Nice illegal harvest. In Wisconsin you need a handgun with at least 5 1/2 in barrel to hunt deer. This pistol of yours is clearly not a longslide pistol with 5 1/2 inch pistol. I'm shocked that you even risked uploading this video of
    an illegal hunt. Not sure if you have been arrested since this video or not but you really need to review the law when hunting with a handgun.

  3. GR3YH4TT3R93 says:

    Did you seriously holster a cocked and loaded pistol?? The fuck you thinkin dude NEVER HOLSTER A COCKED AND LOADED GUN THATS A GOOD WAY TO ACCIDENTALLY SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE LEG

  4. Chris Piccioni says:

    This is awesome! I’m considering the TNW ASR in 10mm for a Deer/Home Defense gun. I can also convert it to 9mm for Varmints/Home Defense using +P+ Extreme Penetrators. I’d really like to see the 10mm’s potential out of a carbine.

  5. Gary Morgan says:

    we are not allowed to hunt with a handgun here in Canada. Hell, can't even take a handgun with you while hunting here. Still more ethical than a bow though! (which is legal here)

  6. Dave King says:

    why do people say one for the freezer…..mine are for the table. to many so called hunters are cleaning out their freezers every yr to make room for the new seasons harvest…come on guys, make a point of using it all or seriously donate to the homeless shelters and stop wasting our God given precious resources just for he rush…go luck to all in the field this yr

  7. geetarman58 says:

    Awesome video….I been using the 10mm on deer for a few tears now. Puts em down no problem. I use 180 semi jacketed soft point ammo it seems to give me more knockdown power than a hollowpoint. Never saw one I hit good run more than 25 or so yards. Thanks for the share!

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