Catch and Cook Clean THIS Black BEAR in SURVIVAL CHALLENGE! | REAL LIFE Red Dead Redemption Ep2

Turning a wild black bear in Northern Ontario into a meal during a wild food challenge where we only eat wild foods for 8 days.

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The GOAL of the SURVIVAL CHALLENGE is simple: GAIN or MAINTAIN, body weight eating only WILD FOODS! FULL PLAYLIST:


How to butcher a whole bear with One Wildcrafter:


Join me and Zach Fowler winner of Season 3 of ALONE on the History Channel. Zach’s Playlist:

We weight-in and weigh-out and if we lose any body mass at all, we have FAILED the challenge!

Unlike Naked and Afraid, ALONE, or Survivorman, there is no limit to the tools we are allowed to use on this survival challenge. Living off just WILD foods is harder than you think! If it’s legal, it’s fair use. Sometime we even do some bushcraft, but the main focus is really on eating wild foods, wild edibles and catching and cooking various foods.

This isn’t about just surviving, this is about thriving!

Season 4: Northern Autumn, takes place in Northern Ontario with vast opens seasons including fish, catfish, pike, trout, birds such as grouse, duck, and geese, bear, deer, and moose. Also wild apples, mushrooms, berries, and so much more. We make use of all the resources in this challenge to meet the demands for calories imposed by the human body!


In this episode we pursue black bear over bait with the help of a friend that we met at puddle lake. Using bait for bears is a very common way to get black bear in Northern Ontario because they are very difficult to spot in dense woods. Black bear are very common in Ontario and often make their way into backyards, city areas and in garbage, they are necessary to control and how we hunt them is totally legal.

Beaver are surprisingly easy to trap and offer a ton of nutrients to the forager. A real staple item! Beaver is also great eating, usually very full of fats crucial to surviving long term in the wild.

Guests on this series:

Zach Fowler:

Mathew Hawthorne (book a bear hunt):

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter):

Adam Craig:

Rob the Bear hunter!


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37 thoughts on “Catch and Cook Clean THIS Black BEAR in SURVIVAL CHALLENGE! | REAL LIFE Red Dead Redemption Ep2

  1. Marshmello229 says:

    It's a little annoying to see so many special snowflakes in the comments section claiming, "you didn't need to kill that bear to survive" and things of that nature, yet literally all of the food that people consume comes from something that was once living; meat, fruits, and vegetables. It is fundamentally how survival has worked for billions of years, and for all populations, you must eat other creatures to survive, and if you don't like it, then I guess you don't like living man. You can feel sad that the bear had to give it's life for the prolonging of others', but you shouldn't be angry, or upset that it happened. Remember, NO bear or any other carnivore is going to think twice about eating a human or some other critter, it's how this beautiful planet sustains itself and promotes new life – natural selection.

  2. SlumPup says:

    rather eat free for a week than pay $12 and support a company that bred the the animal, pumping it with hormones and steroids and whatever else that had no life dont get why people would be so angry

  3. Im KaddahYT says:

    Isnt that how life goes? Chicken eaten by foxes
    Sheep eaten by wolves
    Cows eaten by lions
    Elephants eaten by leopards
    Buffalos eaten by lions


  4. Mary Ochse says:

    This is what’s wrong with America. 2 lame-o losers trying to show people how to survive with their cool gadgets and phones and guns. Lol. Grow up. It’s 2019. If you’re watching this joke of a video on your device you aren’t stranded and in survival mode. A bear. What losers.

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