Corey Jacobsen – Idaho DIY Archery Elk Hunt:

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Archery elk hunting is filled with disappointments and setbacks, and a hunter’s ability to overcome adversity and rise above defeat is often the key element that separates failure and success. While experience, physical conditioning, and preparation all work together to increase the likelihood of elk hunting success, it is often a battle-proven determination and relentless perseverance that ultimately propel an elk hunter beyond the bonds of defeat. Faced with challenges ranging from wolves and other hunters, to a general lack of elk – even being stranded multiple times – we invite you to join the team from as they venture through the challenges of public land, general season, archery elk hunting in Idaho.

34 thoughts on “Corey Jacobsen – Idaho DIY Archery Elk Hunt:

  1. Wayne Stiff says:

    I must say it is truely inspirational to see that you were not worried about not geting your trophy YOU wre truely concerned for the bad shot you made and the affect that it had on the animal. ALOY of people do not understand yhe level we actually andmire and respect the quarry we hunt. I have had that felling when you make a poor chioce or shot and you have uncontrallable guit.

  2. Eric Bach says:

    One of the best videos I've watched, not all hunts go as planned. Thanks to Corey and crew for putting this out there for us to watch! Congrats on a great bull!


    What a way to start a hunt!!! LOL My mother always told me you can do 1 of 2 things, Laugh or cry and laughing feels alot better. Persistence pays off in the end. Great bull and great video. Big congrats.

  4. John Bell says:

    Thank you for showing your respect to the elk. Very few people demonstrate that. Also, I'm not sure how long your tracking took, but way to hang in there and not give up.

  5. Shane Cody says:

    I had a very similar experience several seasons ago. I was confident in my initial shot, but I got impatient and shot again. It was a low miss, and only spooked him. He ran for another four miles. I 100% regret taking that second shot. Patience is probably the most powerful emotion encountered during this sport we call archery hunting. Excellent job on tracking your bull and congratulations on the recovery!

  6. Bull Elk says:

    I walked away from this video straight to NAPA and bought my truck a new battery.
    Only thing missing was a pitch for an Auto Parts store and some Celine Dion.
    Scenery was awesome!

  7. Alex Krebs says:

    You pay for good luck on a fluke of a shot like that for years. I think I am finally paying off a debt from an elk brought down by an arrow that hit a twig and somersaulted twice before hitting him right in the heart.

  8. Kevin Bunce says:

    I really liked this video.  It really seems like sometimes that is the way it goes.  Ups and Downs.  Highs and Lows.  All changes in a moment, when the arrow finds the side of a beautiful bull elk.  Then, the emotions of the errant shot, and that moment when you see him lying on his side antlers in the air.  Thank you for sharing your memory!

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