Tips to Keep Hunting Gear Scent Free A whitetail’s nose is its most important survival tool, so scent control is a major priority for many ardent deer hunters. These five tips will help to keep those unwanted odors at bay. Deer Talk Now. Season 8. Episode 10.

4 thoughts on “Tips to Keep Hunting Gear Scent Free

  1. dm7097 says:

    "For me to make a living, I need to make sure I put out videos peddling to latest sponsored products"
    WOW that was the longest scent killer gold commercial I have seen.
    I'm not saying the product doesn't work, but come on!

  2. Dual Threat Outdoorsman says:

    The scentlok air tight totes work great. Those wipes are great, but Purex scent free detergent is as good as the hunting brands of detergent of half the price and triple the amount. For scent free hunting you cannot beat Scentlok clothing, but aside from the brand of detergent mentioned, the washing method is great for all non scentlok clothing

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