Entropia Universe: A Beginners Guide to Ranged Hunting(Rifle and Pistol)

This is a video going over how to start hunting with a rifle or pistol in Entropia Universe. I cover gun selection, what to upgrade to, when to upgrade, and where to start hunting. As always questions, corrections, threats, and likes are welcome!

NOTE: I briefly touched on missions, but you can use them to increase skill gains and get ped!

8 thoughts on “Entropia Universe: A Beginners Guide to Ranged Hunting(Rifle and Pistol)

  1. MissWatson221B says:

    I've been playing this for a week now and these guides really do help. It was slow but I've made 10PED in the first week. I even found out that a mate of mine has been playing it for a year or so. WE got two globals yesterday and that was amazing amount of loot. This game is great and I haven't put single cent of money in, it really can work and it is thanks to this awesome dude here 😀 I even requested t join the society I hope I get in 😀

  2. cambuurrinse says:

    2 reasons not to take bravo plasma:
    1.its lvl 100 weapon.
    2, most mobs have regen these days making it a weapon that costs u and mob regens by the time its close enough to shoot its already regened that 1 shot

  3. UhOh Gaming says:

    Hey man i have a question if you can help me out im brand new depositing 5$ is there items to buy for hunting brand new to the game or should i just wait till i develop my skills then buy in?

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