Deer Hunting Hot Spots: Late Season Whitetail Scrapes (#267)

Deer hunting strategies from Deer hunting in the late season can be a challenge. Want to find a new hunting hot spot for your next hunt? New video footage of white-tailed deer using scrapes may give you ideas for a new hotspot for hunting whitetails in the late season. Watch this episode as our Reconyx UltraFire records the world of whitetail scrape behavior! The team will show you how to use this information to create a perfect site for your hunting set up. Next, we share another of our hunting strategies as we open up the HotZone fence to give deer access to some late season soybeans. We’ve already captured a big surprise! If you are on facebook — join the conversation and share photos on Dr. Grant Woods page:

29 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Hot Spots: Late Season Whitetail Scrapes (#267)

  1. Legendary Skulls says:

    I have a question though, my season ends feb 4 and I'm still sitting on my buck tag I have a real nice 130" 8pt visiting my corn minerals but he always shows up and hour after dark and there is no way to sneak in closer to him with out bumping him any tips to help me tag up I would appreciate thanks growing deer

  2. mouage says:

    You just earned a new subscriber! THANK YOU for the video!

    I just started deer hunting this year and was wondering if you could make a video on how to make mock scrapes and where it should be placed  for best results. 

    Thank you and keep the videos coming!

  3. Georgia whitetail says:

    Thanks for the tips I sure hope I tag a few mature does and a
    Big ten point we call creeper. And we are also buying 450 acres of hard woods and fields and I'll make sure to tell them all you have taught me thank you so much. And have a blessed day.

  4. colby turner says:

    Grant just want to say I love your videos and this one showed me a lot thank you!!! Hope u had a great Christmas can't wait for some new videos!!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!

  5. Gentleman Jim says:

    I have noticed that not a single deer in east texas (on my lease) has even touched corn this year. I normally plant rye, but didn't make it this year, and deer were very scarce, and the one's I did see, were on the move. Now with that said, I have seen several dogs on our property with tracing collars on, and we have them and faces of their owners on several cameras. I am getting this together for the warden.

  6. Bryan Roberts says:

    I've got a licking branch in my backyard where the deer walk in to feed on all the clover. There is not a scrape their but almost every deer, does and bucks, will lick, smell, and rub their eye glands on this branch. I've always thought of it as a sign in board. I don't know if they use it for that purpose but it sure is neat to watch them. They don't get agitated at each other they just wait till one walks away and then another will come by for a scent deposit! Thanks Grant, Grants family, and the whole growing deer crew for another great video!

  7. Bass Hunter says:

    I'm looking to do same thing as you when I'm older. I am inspired by your work and dedication to the outdoors. I just had a question on what classes you took in college?

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