Deer Hunting Strategy – GOING IN BLIND

While scouting on foot well in advance of the season is the best way to get to know an area and to find great tree stand locations, sometimes “going in blind” is a better option. I’ll define this strategy simply and broadly as hunting an area after doing all of your scouting online rather than on foot.

Why would you ever need to try this? Well, if you want to hunt a new area but never had the time or opportunity to scout it properly back in the spring, it’s often better in my opinion to do a good “going in blind” hunt than to walk around during or right before the season and get human scent all over the woods. That’s a good way to make nice bucks go nocturnal. You can be successful if the first time a deer realized something has changed is when it’s too late.

Near the end of the video I show how to use Google Earth in conjunction with a Garmin GPS to draw new routes so that you can navigate to new spots without ever having been there, even in the dark. This isn’t always an easy method of hunting, but it can be VERY effective.

39 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Strategy – GOING IN BLIND

  1. Yani M says:

    Fantastic info. So glad I stumbled across this video. Tired of videos spouting generic nonsense without any substance. Thanks so much from someone learning!

  2. C Pratley says:

    I followed you advice on adding maps to my Garmin. The question I have is about sizing before adding it to the hand held. Some maps are very pixilated and others wont zoom in very far. I am also wondering why you cant just add google earth instead of going to bing maps first. Thanks for you help with the video I just need a little clarification.

  3. 37Sith says:

    what you're saying about rivers with regards to beading areas….. Does this hold true as well with large streams? If so, then I definitely found a bedding area on the south side of a slope! Hoping you answer me. great vid btw!

  4. Ryan Cook says:

    I live in southern wv I have 1600 acres to hunt it is it is all mountains and wooded the deer feed and bed every I've hunted the area sents I was 13 and have never been able to find any Pacific feeding and bedding areas what strategy would you use in a area like this

  5. Strenke629 says:

    I have a little problem with the satellite overlay and I was wondering if you knew what I could do to troubleshoot it. I have the Garmin 64. I do what you showed in the video and saved the overlay as a KMZ file. I plug in my garmin and transfer the file into the custom maps folder, but when i turn on my gps to see the satellite overlay the image doesn't appear. Maybe the 64 is different? idk

  6. SmokeThatBuck says:

    I've only hunted on my grandfathers land in wisconsin, with a rifle. Since he sold his property, I have not been hunting in years. I have no idea how crowded public land in minnesota may be. But firearms and public land seems really sketchy to me. So I bought my first bow last week and I can't wait. Definitely going in blind this season. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Josh Reitz says:

    Just wanted to drop a huge THANK YOU! I have very limited time to hunt (let alone scout), and recently moved to a new state. I hunted last year without even seeing a single deer (first season in the new place). I had never used this strategy before, but after watching a couple of your videos, I decided trying this approach was better than just walking through the woods with a gun hoping to get lucky. I never knew that so much information was at my fingertips. I scouted some public land using caltopo and bings satellite images (and used the ONX app as a gps while in the woods). I found an area that had the potential to be a good transition zone between bedding and feeding areas, and decided I would set up there.

    I ended up getting into my stand much later than I intended, about 3:30 pm by the time I was in the tree and ready to go. Legal shooting hours ended at 5:28pm (sunset at 4:58pm). I knew I had gotten in late and probably missed my opportunity. But, at 4:43pm 4 does walked right off of a ridge that I had pegged as a possible bedding area. This was obviously just before dusk, which is the time that deer should be moving through the transition areas, just as you said. I wanted to get a deer and get some meat in the freezer, and was more than thrilled to even see deer, let alone actually have the chance to harvest one! At 4:47pm I took my shot and put down a doe at 90 yards!

    Having hunted since I was a kid, I know all about murphey's law, and how hunting goes. Compound the difficulty of hunting with going to new places that you have no idea what to expect, and it makes for a pretty challenging and sometimes frustrating day. But this has changed my hunting world, and I cant thank you enough! Keep up the great work, and ill be looking forward to more videos from you.

  8. MGL says:

    awsum YT, digging all your info and please keep up the good work. i need to relearn alot more than i thought. just getting back into hunting life

  9. L. S. says:

    Great Videos Brother! I thought I was advanced cause I would spend 30 -60 min scouting using Google Earth… your videos are excellent and I know how long it takes to create this type of stuff – so kudos for spending the time for all the video, screencasting and audio work as well.

  10. James R.P.H. says:

    I am going on My First Crossbow Hunting trip a Month Away , I listen what you have said but I am not climbing a tree I am using a Ground Blind the property I am hunting has alot of Deer and is next too a Hunt Club which is closed of its about 3 1/2 hours ride from My Home I hunted it last year with a Rifle but was unlucky , I am praying that I am more successful this year that last Year I have herd a l of good points to work on but since I live in the Suburbans and have travel Up north So be it I will have protection on and Surgical Gloves on so I am not leaving any human scent behind I need too do this before I go in dark Early Morning I don't have that much experience like most of you have but as my first time Crossbow Hunting I hope I will do just fine I'm also going to bate the area where I am hunting . If you have any suggestion I would like too receive them

  11. Sean Vergara says:

    Hey sportsman! I think it's been said quite a few times… Lol but holy awesome your videos pack so much awesome information! For a beginner like me I can thank you enough!

  12. Taylor Lang says:

    I have to agree with Zack A. This is great info! I find myself reviewing all of this right before I go hunt a place I've never been, and while using some of the techniques that you talk about I've have some success finding great places to hunt. Keep the info coming.

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