39 thoughts on “Elk Hunting Big Bulls

  1. Jesse Marden says:

    Awesome hunt! I wish they would get a season in Wisconsin! I'm sure it would be harder than hell to get a tag, but at least I would have a chance at hunting one in my home state! Take care!

  2. Tossdart says:

    Ridiculous. I can' t get any luck. I have been near run over by my nemisis monster bull elk but after dark walking to truck, been close to moose but can't get them to come out of tag alder. I don't think there are 250 elk in my entire zone. Never mind unit. Are you on public land?

  3. Scott Davis says:

    Awesome elk season for you and dad. Congrats what a couple of real nice bulls!!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished mount. Post pics of your dads mount too please. Looked like both of those big bulls were caped for being mounted.

  4. Heith Gagnon says:

    Congrat bro…I was waiting for this video after you sent me the picture…Those animals were some giants…Were these animals shot out of the same group of deer? Have you ever tried any Yote calling up your way with a decoy and caller? All the open fields it looks like it would be easy…Great video…

  5. Juanelo1946 says:

    Aaron, what fabulous memories you've preserved with your camera! I'm amazed at how enormous elk are! The size of their antlers is shocking, at least to me! The snow reminds me of Christmas. I trust that you left enough elk (reindeer?) to pull Santa's sleigh this year! Thanks for taking us along on your memorable adventure!

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