17 thoughts on “300 WSM Carbon Long-Range Hunting Rifle

  1. archnoob pilot says:

    Very impressive shooting! May I ask what bullets you are using and how much your system weights? I have a tikka t3 that I am thinking about rebarelling to a 300 wsm, but my system is kinda light weight so I am thinking that the recoil may be a bit to much to handle.

  2. rmm2424 says:

    I have a Browning A Bolt target ib 300 WSM shoots great with factory set trigger love this round ballistics of a 300 mag with recoil of a 30-06.
    also have the same gun 308

  3. jcm151 says:

    That is impressive.. any chance you would give up some load data? It seems pretty windy so either you are awesome at calling that wind or you are shooting something pretty heavy? I am wanting to play with the 208 amax. I shoot .308 now but have a 300wsm on the way.

  4. TERYDOTCOM says:

    the shooter obviously knows how to shoot, one can see this plainly. The rifle seems to be top quality, but the wind is up. What was the drift? Variable turbulence along the flite path? Fantastic shooting if real. a 1 inc group at 350 is a mighty tall claim, but possible.

  5. mick mac says:

    Im gonna go ahead and be the first to call bullshit on this video, Ive been loading for a 300 wsm for a few years and I can guarentee no loads or gun can put out a group like that at 350 yds with a bipod. I dont even think you could on a bench. Be real, with a 300 wsm thats an average group for 50 yds and good for 100yds at the max.

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