26 thoughts on “Ohio youth Season 2010 shotgun kill, Deer hunting

  1. taylor swift videos says:

    Hi I'm a 13 year old girl deer hunter and this lat year was my 2nd I have only killed two deer (both in my 2nd year) and I will practice my shooting all summer I'm a better shot than mg dad 😀 good job

  2. Nathan Smith says:

    I havto say that was a beautiful shot. Great job buddy, I hope she serves u and your family well:)
    And tom foster u need to lay off. Ur a loser talking about a kid on youtube. That kids twice the man ull ever be. Loser

  3. Uncle Bucky says:

    Awesome video, great to see youth out! I take my son turkey and deer hunting since he was 9, he's now 16, I'm sending you our 2012 youth hunt video, let me know what you think :

    DEER HUNTING – Buck kill – Williams Foggy Buck youth deer hunt

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