Kyrgyzstan Travel Video Guide | Best Things To Do (Naked Saunas & Hunting)

We LOVED our time in Kyrgyzstan – this is not surprising as we have a bit of an obsession with mountains and lakes. There is so much to do in this beautiful country, it is just a question of narrowing it down. If you are actually planning a trip then you can get around cheaply in shared taxis and small minibuses. If you have a bigger budget you may consider renting a car for additional comfort and convenience.

Many of the suggested activities can be done in Bishkek, along the south shore of Issykul and Karakol. Whether you visit Kyrgystan or not, this video is packed with awesomeness. Please subscribe for more adventures. LINKS coming very soon 😉


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3 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan Travel Video Guide | Best Things To Do (Naked Saunas & Hunting)

  1. Hangry By Nature says:

    Wow so many interesting facts I didn't know about. There is so much to offer that we like in Kyrgyzstan, makes me want to visit with the fam. So cute on your little boys milestone! he has an adventurous heart like his parents! great vid! OMG we know them feels at the end of the vid hahaha we do most of our work when the kids are in bed and boy it is a mission! lol

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