Chasing Ridgelines: A High Country Mule Deer Hunting Film

Successful backcountry hunting is not always measured by the size of the rack. The experience, the journey, the process and the lifestyle are as important to serious backcountry hunters as shooting a trophy animal. In this film we explore what is truly important about hunting big game in the backcountry, the connection between hunters and wild places, and how harvest is the goal, but not the end game.

The film documents the process, and lifestyle of two hard-core backcountry, do-it-yourself big game hunters in Idaho. The film features two brothers in Idaho that spend the year, not just hunting season, plotting their big game adventures. In this film our characters are in pursuit of big mule deer bucks in Idaho’s backcountry, but the film also focuses on the experience of hunting in the backcountry, the importance and grandeur of the places we hunt, and why the journey is as important as a successful harvest. As the film follows the stories of these brothers and their connections to each other, to hunting and the land, it uncovers the value of unspoiled backcountry and how the experience and the adventure is as important as pulling the trigger.

50 thoughts on “Chasing Ridgelines: A High Country Mule Deer Hunting Film

  1. James Klukas says:

    Recording your efforts was very well done , a smooth documentary with great foto -shots…it's a good bet you'll give another go at Alpine Muley questing . Keep recording and hunting; you can only get better at both….

  2. Joshua J says:

    I totally agree with you about wanting to get far from roads, trails, and people. Unfortunately videos like this pump people up to go deep more and more haha I know it did for me. Great video.

  3. Justin Hicks says:

    Great video guys! You two really have something special to have such a bond and love for the back-country! Truly is a blessing to share these moments with our brothers and sisters.. Im now accepting best friend applications for the back-country….

  4. Nick Zavakos says:

    As an avid hiker and backpacker who has never hunted this looks incredible. A convergence of so many disciplines into an activity that humans have relied upon for thousands of years. Great video!

  5. 2five7 says:

    Very nice work guys. You really captured the emotion that goes along with a backcountry hunt, I wish more of the cable tv hunting shows could do what you did. Liked and subbed.

  6. Tim Egner says:

    It's always good to see this amazing footage from God's country. I recognize a few of the spots but I'm curious how far were you getting into the back country?

  7. Joe McCleskey says:

    You guys are my favorite YouTube keep striving in the wild and never give up on your dreams of a big buck because where there's a will there's a way you guys are great just the way you are

  8. Todd Vaught says:

    Straight up awesome. You got it. You captured why…we are drawn to the backcountry. I hope to meet you both someday in the bc..with an extra beer. keep on keeping on!

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