BEST Full Auto Airgun, Evanix Conquest .22 PCP Air Rifle

Starting off 2014 by showing the best full-auto airgun that shoots PELLETS in .22 Caliber – The Evanix Conquest .22 Cal PCP Air Rifle! This beast is simple the most amazing invention in airgun market so far. It uses a 8.4 volt battery to power the bolt and got a 480cc air tank to splash out the shots like an alien weapon! This is a beast!

Keep in mind that not many air rifles can go full-auto plus shooting in .22 Caliber PELLETS with high precision and accuracy…!

It took me about 170 pump to get the air back to 200 bar after this video!

More photos of Evanix Conquest

You can find the rifle here, but that is the USA version, and they don’t sell the FULL AUTO version anymore! Too bad to USA guys! The price is the same, but only in semi-auto, that’s kinda sad!

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38 thoughts on “BEST Full Auto Airgun, Evanix Conquest .22 PCP Air Rifle

  1. hman630 says:

    I guess I missed it because I didn't hear you talk about FPS. and id also prefer you shot it into a 2×4 so we can see how far it penetrates into the wood. Cans  don't really show much at all. But thanks for showing it.. JK

  2. Daddy Fox says:

    Either mount the bipod to the stock (or chassis), or remove the extra weight. If you support your rifle by the barrel, it will flex and become out of alignment with your sight.
    This might be nice if you removed all the clunky attachments.

  3. Steven Thompson says:

    nice rifle but I would be very troubled about having a bipod mounted to a free floating barrel , guaranteed interference with point of impact when you change positions and shooting styles.

  4. Crow fart says:

    Mokk Jo sie I am buying a Diana stormrider can I leave a regulated hpa tank hooked onto it while shooting , will I have a regulated rifle ?, love your videos keep it up

  5. Cristos Palabras says:

    Good review. Awesome gun… understand why it's not available in full auto anymore. It's an amazing gun, heavy… but lots of fun. No real small game hunting practicality. I grew up within a stone's throw of the Canadian border and I've never seen maple syrup in a CAN. However, on our farm, we had a dozen sugar maples and we made our own maple syrup, about 100 gallons per year. Delicious.

  6. Rob Richards says:

    Btw dude I used to practice tang lan chuan and a little bit of chen style taiji. Couldnt help but notice your chinese weapons collection. Very cool man I miss those days. Used to lion dance in parades for chinese new year and everything. In the snow… lol. And whatever. It was good times

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