33 thoughts on “Squirrel Hunting Tips: Squirrel Hunting Guns

  1. Richard Thornton says:

    Over a few years I took hundreds of squirrels with my Marlin Glenfield 60 22. Every one was dressed out and went into the cast iron with the butter. We refer to anybody using shotguns on squirrel as "Meat Hunters" after they destroy meat of which  a squirrel has very little. Kid you need to get some gun instruction rather than giving it!!

  2. kill shot says:

    All u need for squirrel is a 22 or you're bb gun! Why use anything bigger?? Rabbits , 22/bbgun or the 410 but still it's small game so u'll never need to use anything bigger bc u'll destroy the meat. Just shows ppl that use anything bigger is just doing it for fun not sport and food. Coyote 410 slug or 20g even 22, 223, 22-250 even a 17 mag.. but nice little collection u have bud

  3. Holton Greene says:

    Your rich as hell my parents haven't ever bought me a gun I buy my guns and you talk like you know guns like a pro you probably watched videos on YouTube and said it on your video

  4. Skye H says:

    Well, When you end up shooting the squirrel with 870, there will be no meat left to eat. I prefer the Mossberg 500 .410 bore for hunting squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, and turkeys. thats what i use and always get up to 6 squirrels every hunt i go on.

  5. Paul R says:

    Thanks for posting such an informative video. I do not know much about hunting but I have a backyard full of squirrel and a Gamo Whisper Deluxe 2. I have barely used this Gamo and I have very little experience with firearms. I am thinking about taking out a few squirrel and cooking them up. We will see if I have the courage to do that. But once again, great video and keep up the great work.

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