Monster Hunter World | Datura Horn III (Hunting Horn) – Weapon Guide

Datura Horn has the prized Earplugs Large buff, as well as Health Recover L, making it one of the best dedicated healer horns in the game!

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11 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Datura Horn III (Hunting Horn) – Weapon Guide

  1. Flávio Lisbôa says:

    I'm a hunting horn main, but I can't help but think this horn must be boring as hell to use. Perhaps it's because it's only ever useful in a team, but even then, there may be much better options on most cases. I wish they substituted the Health Rec (S) with something more interesting, or even Health Rec (L) so that we could have two combo options (instead of forcing users into making the same sequence of attacks over and over, apart from the eventual Earplugs).

    In any case, I fail to see the appeal of any Health Rec. melody in general. It's not that great in solo play, and in group play there's always someone to set up Health Booster. The poison buildup must be kinda underwhelming too, considering the generally slower motion values for HHs. Such a situational HH, and even then, it's vastly superseded.

    This is tier C for me. 😀

  2. Tyler says:

    A woefully weak horn damage wise, even when using a damage focused build. The easy to line up Health Recovery (L) and the Earplugs (L) buffs make it the ideal support horn, though. However, this doesn’t make up for the fact that the Desolation’s Overture is better objectively. Health Recovery (S) is a perfectly serviceable healing melody and Desolation’s Affinity Up (S/L)/Health Rec. (S) melody is just much better than Health Rec. (L). The thing I can compliment it on the most is the poison status, which I just plain love.

  3. Nall Calmer says:

    I'll be the underdog here and say that this is my all-time favorite of horns since I can effectively keep my teammates alive with it while dishing out poison damage to monsters.

  4. eaglesfan0583 says:

    I feel when G-rank comes out and your team is is very long fights, this horn will be a godsend. But as it stands, it’s kinda meh. Makes for a great horn to use when playing through the story though, with all those heals and how easy it is to upgrade. Love to see a fellow horn player out there spreading the word. Keep up the great vids!

  5. Anthony Pendleton says:

    Noticed you're not using the second swing on the green note attack (O button on PS4) to stack up a second note – is that on purpose for some reason, or just a mechanics miss? Would speed up your heals (and all horn songs, for that matter) by letting you stack them up much faster.

  6. weuvos 14 says:

    I'm really digging the gunlance lately, but I don't understand all the differences between shelling types. Have you found any data about it? Good vids btw love to see content to continue coming from this channel

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