33 thoughts on “Duck Hunting 2016

  1. Bruno Ferrara says:

    Great video I would like to get some duck hunting in this year but have never been ill probably be spending more time deer hunting because last week I shot a fork horn buck but didn't make a fatal would so I Wilkie to get more opportunities or find the buck I shot either way good luck to u guys

  2. Jaxson Morkis says:

    I've asked and u have answered before but I was showing my dad t KRAG deer kill and I said it's pretty close to where we hunt but I forget can you tell me where you deer hunt I hunt in montrose

  3. Thomas says:

    Cool video, would have been nice to see y'all decoying the birds in the first place y'all hunted, second place where y'all decoyed was really cool, also gotta keep that limit in mind (3 woodies per person) unless y'all changed out guys between the morning and evening.

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