Elk Hunting Trip: We Saw 30 Bull Elk – Hunting Elk In Central Nevada Was Awesome

This Elk Hunting Trip took place in Central Nevada. We were right next to the Utah Border where huge elk would pass between state lines. We stayed on the Nevada side and tried to ambush them as they walked into open fields. We had a blast. This video was a compilation of two weekends. Thanks for taking the time to watch. Please comment and like. I’ll See You Outdoors!

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30 thoughts on “Elk Hunting Trip: We Saw 30 Bull Elk – Hunting Elk In Central Nevada Was Awesome

  1. Sin City Outdoors says:

    Thanks for watching and don't forget to Like and Comment. This video was footage taken over a 2 week period… I hope you enjoy. My Javelina hunt video will be in a few weeks. Keep an eye out. Ill be trying to harvest it with a bow or crossbow. What should I use?

  2. Nathan Lenon says:

    I'm enjoying your videos. I have just started getting back into hunting after many years. I grew up doing what you guys are doing, but not quite as much. my son and I watched your bowfishing video. That was impressive! He is 8 and we are in Henderson.

  3. crazymonkey9140 says:

    Great Video! My dad and I have a good hunting spot in Elko but we couldn't fill our cow elk tag either, and next time you should really pack a water bag because snow doesn't provide that much drinking water!

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