3 thoughts on “Deer Hunting School: Talking About Deer Hunting Wetland

  1. Grady Dockery says:

    are you sure those things you are thinking are deer trails all through that marsh arent really water drains? because some of these you are calling deer trails are wider than some of the tree tops on the map, if the deer are stomping 20 foot wide trails through this place i need to get my butt up there

  2. elfmanyang says:

    Add to that, when pheasant opens, stay away from the square field at the bottom by road..thats standing corn field built for pheasant hunters..deer utilize it as well as a food source. Acorn grow okay here. But a lot of the deer they bed in the field and islands..

  3. elfmanyang says:

    Hi jacob. I was watching some of your clips and this is a spot ive been hunting for 18yrs. I am very familiar with the area and seen lots of nice deer here. Most are evening roamers ive seen and taken are in the swamp or grass fields. The state did acquire more land around the area which makes this over 5000 acres now. From what ive learned, first few weeks of bow opener there will be small gamers..but are usually gone by late afternoon. Which allows the deer to move into the fields. And by gun season, there are maybe 30 licensed hunters that hunt there which is not a lot. And they are typically no further than 100 yrds from the road or parking. No one really goes into the swamo because there are not many access points and if there are, you need boots..but it is worth going in…this is the spot i call 16 nothing more lol

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