🐻 Red Dead Redemption 2 – All 16 Legendary Animals | Locations, Hunting & Tips 🐻

00:33 Legendary Cougar
04:11 Legendary Pronghorn
07:56 Legendary Tatanka Bison
10:59 Legendary Buck
15:48 Legendary Big Horn Ram
19:47 Legendary White Bison
22:08 Legendary Wolf
24:45 Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear
27:42 Legendary Moose
30:45 Legendary Beaver
33:33 Legendary Boar
37:02 Legendary Coyote
40:44 Legendary Fox
45:12 Legendary Elk
48:27 Legendary Bullgator
51:33 Legendary Giaguaro Panther (Will only spawn after you complete the “Master Hunter” Challenge)

Master Hunter Challenge Full Guide: https://youtu.be/aW1mvmM4AiM

Basically, after you find the location, if there is no activity nearby, you can start tracking the animal. After the third track, the animal will spawn.

Note: If you die during a hunt, you need to leave the area, sleep or take some time and then come back.

If you lose a fur, it will apear at the Fence.

4 thoughts on “🐻 Red Dead Redemption 2 – All 16 Legendary Animals | Locations, Hunting & Tips 🐻

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    The Legendary Moose glitched on me. When I skinned it the only thing in my inventory was the antlers and not the hide. I physically was holding the hide but both the trapper and fence couldn’t recognize it. Didn’t happen on others just the moose. Was hoping it would open in the trapper eventually but it hasn’t. And the legendary moose is crossed out on my map.

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