"Ted Nugent on Advocating Hunting" – Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Season 6, Episode 9

In this bonus footage from Season 6 of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Ted Nugent sits down with Dan Schmidt and details his stance on how to advocate for hunting.

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34 thoughts on “"Ted Nugent on Advocating Hunting" – Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Season 6, Episode 9

  1. Micheal Calthorpe says:

    thanks to youre influence and charelton heston we get to keep our guns our gun registry was bull crap in canada it doesnt stop a criminal from doing a crime he sure as hell aint going to use a registered gun its so stupid for our government to spend soooo much wasted money they didnt tell everyone that they had to close down a few RCMP offices out west to keep elligal guns from coming into the country in the first place because they spent so much on the registry

  2. Micheal Calthorpe says:

    guns dont kill people people kill people there was more people killed in ontario by snowmobile accidents than with guns and most of the gun tragities were in the army ive grew up around guns my whole life you can go back north to the deer camp and fire off a 45 70 or 300 weatherby but you can target shoot with a hand gun

  3. Ryback Johnson says:

    Ted Nugent is a pedophile and a wanted fugitive who is a rapist.
    He rape aborted babies and rape his own feces that he shit out.
    Common behaviour among CM Punk fans.

    Ryback is a LEGEND and he can knock Ted Nugent out of infinite rings because Ted Nugent is the jobbiest of jobbers.

  4. Gyr Falcon says:

    GOD BLESS TED NUGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man has done more for hunting and hunter's rights than most all of the rest of the bunch combined. His ethics are RIGHT ON. His message is TRUE. I wish to God there were 10,000 more of him. Keep up the great wonderful work that you are doing Ted, and know that you are in my prayers. And yes, WHACK 'EM AND STACK 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. pappy says:

    I had 18 deer in my back yard 20 yards out from the house in the country the other day. Man I need to takeup bow. Ted sticks up for the hunting and 2nd amendment rights of the people and really nothing else matters.

  6. doughesson says:

    @Drudy90 Even more so.When subdivisions go up,deer & other critters will feed on yards & gardens no matter what is growing wild.Homeowners freak out & want to pay pest control companies to do what bowhunters pay the state wildlife agency to do.
    As to the draft dodging,so did Clinton & look where he got to sleep.At least Ted earns his keep by playing music & working on his property to raise his own food & be self sufficient.

  7. Drudy90 says:

    @BLong114 Hunting rights aren't going anywhere because as long as human development continues to expand into nature hunting will always be biologically necessary. Gun rights and hunting rights often are two different things. I can't respect Ted Nugent because he's all about conservative family values yet where were those values in the 70's when he was shooting heroin into his eyeballs? He's all about patriotism yet he's admitted to dodging the draft for nam.

  8. Drudy90 says:

    Hunting rights aren't going anywhere. Ted Nugent is a loud mouthed hypocrite and self important to boot. That's coming from a hunter and gun rights activist.

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