(Hunting Gear) Randy Newberg's Bag Dump – Warm elk hunting tips

Hunting with Randy Newberg follows up on questions from our first Bag Dump. You can see that original Bag Dump video at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr_QcASb1Z0

A lot of questions focused on what I do to stay warm in late season elk hunts. Here are some things I do that help be tough it out in brutal conditions, which happen to be the best elk hunting conditions. None of this is rocket science, but a lifetime of hunting, fishing, and trapping in cold climates has taught me a few lessons.

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13 thoughts on “(Hunting Gear) Randy Newberg's Bag Dump – Warm elk hunting tips

  1. Leandro Ruas says:

    Hi Randy, whats the name of the equipment you use to attach your rifle to your backpack? Looks like a support in the stock and a strap in the barrel or forehand… tks and greetings from Brazil

  2. Denwrecker & co says:

    Hi Randy , how many changes of clothes do you bring on a 5 to 10 day hunt? Sitka gear is very expensive but well worth the money. But most guys cannot afford four or five sets of clothing. What do you recommend?

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