29 thoughts on “SWFA Rifle Scopes

  1. trey orr says:

    Ive got the 3-18×42 I paid $550.00.FFP and its probably my most favorite scope I own.I like it that much. And I just bought a SWFA 5-20×50 HD FFP for $800.00 Its new..Well almost..It was a Demo…
    .. Youre solid as a rock on videos man..Hey another Great Video Joe…. I was just looking on Ebay and saw this deal and jumped on it.I wasnt really looking for another scope.Ive bough several in that last 3 weeks..Im scope Poor as my Dad would say..HAHA

  2. Jeffrey Dohl says:

    The only thing I'd like to know is the MOA/MOA just as good as the MIL/MIL? I don't mind buying a MIL/MIL. I would just have to train my mind to think in that configuration.

    Thank for your video's. Love them.
    Jeffrey O. Dohl

  3. Jeff Stanley says:

    I bought one and could not hit the broadside of a barn from the inside. My electric drill had a far better trigger. Oh yeah, did I mention the trigger was horrendous. Like pulling a rock across a long sheet of ultra coarse sandpaper. I tried it with no less than 10 different pellets and none shot worth a shit. I am not the best shot in the world by far but then I bought a Benjamin Marauder synthetic stock and it was night and day difference. I still have the dinky 2 x 7 scope from the Prowler on the Marauder but it is a lot better gun. The Marauder is my first PCP air rifle and I am really thrilled with it. I bought the Benjamin Traveler high pressure air compressor with it and this is a great combo.

  4. Jayson Barjarat says:

    Best scope I ever owned. (12X42SS) Perfect Tracking, Good Glass, and durable. I have never had one fail. I have had many of the high end scopes..$2,000-$3,000 range. The SWFA is a great scope!

  5. DR Dan says:

    I have the classic.  10X mil dot. and I love it.  You have to learn your holds and how to use the mil dots.  When you do you will hit where you shoot.

  6. benavrahamyitzchak says:

    The military has already paid the price for the research. Rex does some incredible videos. These scopes are in use right now. I was considering the Vortex. But the extra money doesn’t justify the Vortex. Going to order one tonight in straight 12x. Watched Rex videos as well tonight and this is the way forward.

  7. Bens 7799 says:

    hello my name is Beny from indonesia, I would like to ask your opinion and input based on the experience and the trial you have done, overall and if you are told to choose which one is better between vortex optics viper pst gen ii 3-15×44 ffp ebr-2c mrad and swfa ss 13-15x42FFP mrad

  8. Mike Sharp says:

    Thank you for pointing me towards SWFA. I have purchased a 10 x 42 to fit atop my Air Arms Galahad 0.177" 12ft/lbsf. It is a superb optic, and does not upset the rifles balance. I always look forward to your presentations.

  9. R M says:

    I found out about the SWFA scopes through T-Rex. I'm going to buy a fixed power scope. Which power magnification would you recommend to shoot up to 600 yards (precision targets and hunting boars)?

  10. john harvey says:

    T-Rex is an awesome dude. He took the time to help me out and give me some pointers on how to achieve better long range accuracy over multiple conditions.
    Back when I was in school I hated math. Funny that now I should absolutely love sitting down to work my formulas out for my dope books.

  11. Zeus0008 says:

    First we will start out by saying that the SWFA SS scopes have had a checkered and somewhat controversial past. The original “Super Sniper” scope was designed and sold by Tasco and by all reports were a good scope. I never did get a chance to use one of the original early Tasco versions, but I do know that as Tasco began to come on difficult financial times the quality of the Super Sniper scope deteriorated to the point that they were much like the rest of the poor quality Tasco lineup… and then the company was sold. At that point in time, things get better because the SWFA (riflescopes.com) company, and Chris Farris in particular, organized the purchased of the exclusive rights for distribution of the SS scope. They worked with the manufacturer to get the quality back up to the original scope’s standards as well as made a few changes over the years to improve the scopes. That brings us to today.

  12. Zeus0008 says:

    hey i was reading this:
    By Mel Ewing October 28, 2014

    This scope has been one of the most requested scopes to have reviewed. We initially have been reluctant to perform a review because of the large number of online reviews already about this scope but the request demand was so high we figured it was probably about time to perform our own review and see how it does. I have used a few of these scopes in the past and they have always seemed to perform well for what they are, but based on the demand from you the readers, it was apparent that it was time to do an in-depth review.

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