Rifle Buck Season Deer Hunting 2013 Opening Day – John

Deer Hunting 2013 Leatherwoodoutdoors. Follow John as he films his girlfriend Danielle during the rifle buck season in Clarion county Pennsylvania. John films the events leading up to the first day with friends and family. The couple spots many deer and Danielle passes on a small 8 point buck on the opening day. Ron talks about his 7 point he shot and John films a deer drive on the second day. Lots of video in this journal of the opening days of deer season in Pa.

43 thoughts on “Rifle Buck Season Deer Hunting 2013 Opening Day – John

  1. Bob Brua says:

    seen your movie this year like it is bad 2014 i live near hollidaysburg pa was out all day didnt see a deer  didnt hear a shot all day wish i had a good place to hunt every thing around here is posted 

  2. swmplvr says:

    glad to see y'all have such a healthy herd down there in PA, what part of the state are y'all in? N,S,E,W? Love the video's I been watching all day.. thanks for sharing.. God Bless.

  3. Dylan Cassidy says:

    Hey guys I love watching your videos and I my self go hunting in Pennsylvania and I go to a camp with all friends and family and I just wanted to say Good Luck guys its almost here again

  4. Hillbillyweatherman says:

    Right on guys! Looking forward to video taping this season myself with our hunting crew. Picked up the Canon G20 and have been watching a bunch of videos such as this. Yours was fun to watch and very inspiring. More of what I need to keep the excitement going for taping this season. Good luck this year guys! From one North East hunter (NH) to another.

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